YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Wyze Cam v2

YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Wyze Cam V2

Let’s get straight to the differences between the YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Wyze Cam v2.

The major differences so far are YI Smart Dome’s impressive 360° coverage field of view and enhanced 1080p HD video quality with its 20 FPS.

Making YI Smart Dome Camera X definitely the more advanced models based on those specs alone.

While Wyze Cam V2 offers a higher 8x zoom, compatibility with Alexa & Google voice assistants, as well as free 14-day cloud storage to take advantage of.

So it’s a pretty tough tie amongst the two devices, and it really depends on the type of features you value the most.

The Short Version

YI Smart Dome Camera X = Improved 1080p HD + 20 FPS video quality, live-view on demand & advanced night vision, 112° diagonal & 360° coverage field of view, 4x digital zoom, powered by AC, comes with two-way audio, includes motion detection & tracking, as well as motion zones & improved sound detection, supports a 2.4GHz WiFi network, 24/7 video recording available, local & cloud storage available, weather-resistant, not compatible with any voice assistants.

Wyze Cam V2 = Video resolution of 1080p HD w/ day time video of 15 FPS, the night vision of 10 FPS, live-view on demand & night vision, 110° diagonal field of view, advanced x8 digital zoom, powered by AC, comes w/ two-way talk, motion & sound detection, as well as motion zones, supports a 2.4 GHz WiFi, comes w/ 24/7 video recording, local storage + 14-day free cloud storage, weather-resistant, compatible w/ Alexa, Google & IFTTT.

Which one are you getting?

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YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Wyze Cam v2— Easy Comparison Chart

YI Smart Dome Camera X Wyze Cam V2
Field of View112° diagonal
360° coverage
Cruise Bookmarks
Panorama Capture
110° diagonal
Video Resolution1080p1080p
Live-View on DemandYesYes
Night Vision8 Infrared LEDs
940 nm LEDs: illuminates up to 25 feet
IR cut-off filter
4 Infrared LEDs
850 nm LEDs: illuminates up to 29.6 feet
IR cut-off filter
FPS20Day time video: 15 FPS
Night vision: 10 FPS
Zoom4x Digital Zoom4x Digital Zoom
Two-Way TalkYesYes
Sound DetectionYes
Baby Crying
Motion DetectionYes
Motion Tracking
Motion ZonesYesYes
Local Backup StorageYesYes
24/7 Video RecordingYesYes
Weather ResistantNo/ 32°F to 113°FNo/ 32°F to 104°F
Cloud StorageYesFree rolling 14-day
IFTTT & StringifyNoIFTTT
Alexa & GoogleBasic support for Echo ShowYes

YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Wyze Cam v2 — What’s Different?

YI Smart Dome X

Cloud Storage – While both YI Home Dome Camera X & Wyze Cam V2 include a very handy local storage to take advantage of, Wyze Cam comes out ahead since it also offers 14-day free cloud storage, while YI Home users will need to opt for a YI cloud plan.

Which would amount to $9.99 monthly or $99 dollars/yearly for 15 days, or $19.99/month or $199 dollars yearly for their 30 plan.

Field of View – Having a decent field of view is a pretty important feature for any smart camera, and this is where YI Smart Dome Camera comes out with its impressive 112° diagonal and 360° coverage as well as panoramic view and mechanical tirl.

This will allow you to see a lot more than Wyze Cam’s 110° diagonal field of view.

Zoom – While Wyze Cam has more of an edge with its 8x digital zoom, compared to YI Dome’s 4x, allowing you to take a better look at any suspicious activity.

Google & Alexa – Wyze Cam V2 is also compatible with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa for hands-free control over your smart camera, while YI Dome offers very basic compatibility with Echo Show only.

IFTTT – IFTTT can come in pretty handy when you want to create a series of commands, like having your smart camera log a motion in your Google Drive, or setting your smart lights to flicker green whenever any activity is detected. 

Wyze Cam V2 offers such compatibility, while YI Smart Dome, unfortunately, doesn’t.

Design – When it comes to size, YI Smart Dome Camera comes larger measuring at 6.4 x 3.8 x 3.7 inches, vs. Wyze Cam’s 2.2 x 2 x 2 inches.

Additionally, YI Smart Camera sports a more “dome” shaped modern look, while Wyze offers a more traditional square design.

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