YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Blink XT2

YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Blink XT2

Let’s go over the differences between the YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Blink XT2.

First off, a major thing would be YI Dome Camera’s impressive 360-degree field of view, as well as its mechanical pan and tilt motion. 

Additionally, YI Dome Camera X also comes with more advanced motion detection capabilities as well as local storage to take advantage of, making it the top choice when comparing it against No products found..

While Blink is better suited for those of you who wish to have a smart camera that can be used both indoors and outdoors, as well as being compatible with Alexa. 

The Short Version

YI Smart Dome Camera X = 1080p HD video resolution w/ 20 FPS, live-view on demand & night vision, record live-view, advanced 95° vertical,360° horizontal field of view & cruise bookmarks +panorama capture, 4x digital zoom, powered by AC, comes with two-way talk, motion & sound detection + custom motion zones, supports a 2.4GHz WiFi network, YI Cloud subscription available, local storage available, basic compatibility with Echo Show, no temperature sensor included, operating temperature from 32°F to 113°F.

No products found. = Advanced video quality with 1080p HD resolution & 30 FPS, live-view on demand & night vision, comes w/ record live-view, 110° field of view, no zoom, powered by 2 AA lithium batteries/ micro USB, two-way audio, motion detection & custom zones available, no sound detection, supports a 2.4GHz WiFi network, 7-days free cloud storage, no local storage available, compatible with Alexa, comes w/ temperature sensors, operating temperature from -4° to 113° F.

Which one are you getting?

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 YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Blink XT2 — Easy Comparison Chart

YI Smart Dome Camera X No products found.
Operating Temperature32°F to 113°F-4° to 113° F
Power OptionsAC2 AA Lithium Batteries/Micro USB
Resolution 1080p HD1080p HD
Video FormatH.264H.264
Live-view on DemandYesYes
Night visionYesYes
Record Live-ViewYesYes
Field of View95° Vertical360° HorizontalCruise BookmarksPanorama Capture110°
Two-Way Talk YesYes
Zoom4x Digital ZoomN/A
Motion DetectionYesYes
Sound DetectionYesN/A
Custom Motion ZonesYes Yes
AlexaBasic Echo Show supportYes
Cloud SubscriptionYI Cloud7-days free
Local StorageN/AN/A
Temperature SensorNoYes

YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Blink XT2 — What’s Different?

YI Smart Dome X

Zoom – The zoom feature allows you to take a look at any suspicious activity from a further distance, this is why YI Dome Camera X is equipped with 4x digital zoom.

Unfortunately, Blink XT2 has no zoom available.

Local Storage – YI Dome Camera also offers up to 32GB Class 10 microSD card worth of local storage, which can be a very handy back up plan especially during a power outage.

While Blink XT2 comes with no local storage available.

Temperature Sensor – Blink XT2 includes an in-built temperature sensor that you can check whenever you wish, which YI Smart Dome Camera X lacks.

Power Options – When it comes to power option, Blink XT2 is more flexible as it supports both a USB cable, as well as 2 lithium batteries for a wireless alternative, while Dome X can only be powered by AC.

FPS – FPS, or frames per second is pretty important when it comes to the overall quality of the footage, this is where Blink XT2 comes out ahead with its 30 FPS, compared to Dome’s 20.

Field of View – While YI Smart Dome Camera X comes with an impressive 340° horizontal and 95° vertical rotation field of view, eliminating any blind spots with its pan and tilt technology.
This definitely beats Blink’s XT2 110° field of view range.

Motion Detection – You can also expect better motion detection capabilities from YI Smart Dome X with its motion-tracking technology, and auto-cruise mode which allows you to select up to 8 different zones to focus on for extra security.

Sound Detection – YI Smart Dome Camera can also detect various types of sounds such as your baby crying, or glass breaking after which you’ll be notified via the app.

While Blink XT2 lacks the sound detection feature.

Alexa – Blink XT2 is also compatible with Alexa voice commands when used with Echo Show or Spot, while unfortunately, YI Home Dome Camera X has very limited support for Echo Show which doesn’t really work well.

Operating Temperature – If you’re looking for an outdoor camera, Blink XT2 would be better suited as it’s waterproof, and supports an operating temperature of -4° to 113° F, while YI Smart Dome Camera X (32°F to 113°F) might be better suited for indoor use.

App Control – While both smart cameras offer app support using an Android or iOS device, YI Smart Dome also supports a web app as well, while Blink XT2 is only limited to the aforementioned two.

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