Whistle 3 vs. Link AKC | Differences Explained

Whistle 3 vs Link AKC

When it comes to pet activity and GPS trackers, Whistle 3 and Link AKC are some pretty big names. Both, the No products found. and Whistle 3 offer GPS tracking of your pet. However, when it comes to a 24/7 picture of your dog’s health, the Whistle 3 reigns supreme.

Let’s dive into the details about these activity trackers to help make your decision a little bit easier.

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Whistle 3 vs. Link AKC — Easy Comparison Chart

  Whistle 3 No products found.
GPS Location Tracking Yes Yes
3D Accelerometer Yes Yes
Monitor Activity 24/7 Yes Yes
Monitor Sleep Yes No
Records Trips Yes from device’s GPS Yes from device’s GPS
Remote Turn on Light & Sound No Yes
Water Resistance Waterproof IPX7 Water resistant up to 3ft
Temperature Alerts No Yes
Designed for Dogs, Cats, T-Rexes, etc. Dogs
Fits Dogs of Any Size Any pet over 8 lbs All sizes welcome
Fits Collars Up to 1″ wide Any
Fastens to Colar Attachment Piece It is collar
Can be Used with a Harness No No
Bluetooth Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes
Cellular Yes Yes
Battery Life Up to 7 days Up to 3 days
Weight 0.92 oz (26 grams)
Dimensions & Size 1.45 x 1.82 x 0.61 in
(37 x 46 x 15 mm)
XS, S, M, L, XL
Localization Only available in the U.S. Only available in the U.S.
Subscription Plans Required Required
Finish Black, Green, Blue Brown (Leather), Black (Sport)

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Whistle 3 vs. Link AKC — What’s Different?

Whistle - Extra 02

  1. Monitor Sleep – With the Whistle 3, you can easily track both activity as well as their sleep — being informed immediately if there are significant changes. This helps you keep an eye on your pet at all times of the day rather than just when they’re active.

    The Link only tracks activity, leaving you in the dark when it comes to your dog’s health during rest.

  2. Trips – The Whistle 3 allows you to follow your pet’s location over the last 24 hours in order to give you an accurate picture of where your pets have been. After setting specific “safe places,” you’ll be automatically informed both when your pet leaves and when they enter a trusted location.

    The Link AKC focuses more on the trip itself than the destination, giving you tools to enjoy the adventures with your pet. With the ability to take and automatically edit relevant photos within the journey and the automatic plotting of a map, you’ll be able to look back fondly at the time you’ve spent with your dog.

    In terms of automatic tracking, the Whistle 3 comes out on top. However, the Link AKC’s unique Adventures feature is definitely impressive in its own right.

  3. Remote Turn on Light & Sound – When your pet is out and about at night, there’s always the danger that they could be injured by an animal or a vehicle. With a remote turn on light, you can ensure that your pet is easily seen while wearing the Link AKC. A build in sound option allows you to use the collar in training as well, as dogs generally respond well to that sort of feedback.

    The Whistle 3, unfortunately, does not support either feature.

  4. Temperature Alerts – Another unique way in which the Link AKC keeps your dog safe is through temperature alerts. You will get a notification whenever your dog is in an environment that may be either too hot or too cold. This allows you to take action as needed to keep your dog healthy and comfortable.

  5. Battery Life – The Whistle 3 is much more battery efficient than the Link AKC, lasting up to 7 days on a single charge. The Link AKC, on the other hand, needs to be charged at least once every 3 days.

  6. Design & Fit – The Whistle 3 is designed primarily for dogs, but will also work with pretty much any other animal you can stick a collar on. They do recommend, however, that it be used on a dog that weighs at least 8 pounds. It connects to a collar up to 1 inch wide via a twist and snap attachment that is secure while also easy to remove when it’s time to charge. In terms of design, the Whistle 3 is available in black, green, or blue.

    The Link AKC is a little different, being a collar in and of itself. There are multiple sizes available, and with the company’s Puppy Guarantee, you’ll be able to upgrade to a larger collar a single time within a year of purchase. This allows you to use the collar on puppies without worrying about having to purchase an entire new device once they are fully-grown. The collar is only designed for use with dogs, and there are size options for any pup 10 pounds or heavier. The Link AKC is available in Sport (Black) or Leather (Brown).

  7. Subscription Plans – Both the Whistle 3 and Link AKC require a subscription due to their reliance on cellular signals. They differ, however, in the features that the plans offer.

    Whistle 3 charges around $10 per month, but you can reduce that cost by up to 30% by purchasing an annual or biannual subscription.

    Link AKC has an identical payment plan in terms of price, but the subscription also offers access to a 24/7 pet poison hotline, the size guarantee mentioned above, and a 3-year limited warranty.

What do Whistle 3 and Link AKC Have in Common?

  • GPS Location Tracking – The Whistle 3 and LINK AKC allow you to track your dog anywhere in the US as long as there’s a stable AT&T cellular connection. Both leverage, GPS, WiFi, and Cellular technologies in order to keep you apprised of your pet’s location and warn you when they leave a safe location.

  • 3D Accelerometer – The Whistle 3 tracks your pet’s activity using a free app on your smartphone. The accelerometer calculates the intensity as well as the duration of any activity from your pet. By customizing the app using your pet’s breed, weight, and age, you can set goals for keeping your dog active and healthy with the aid of the accumulated data.

    Just like the Whistle 3, the Link AKC keeps track of your pet’s activity using a built-in 3D accelerometer.

No products found.

  • Monitor Activity 24/7 – The Whistle 3 keeps track of both your dog’s daily activity and rest, giving you a 24/7 picture of their health and helping them stay on track according to their age, weight, and breed.

    The 3-axis accelerometer accurately identifies different intensities in movements throughout your pet’s day, and an artificial intelligence system can actually figure out what actually qualifies as “intense” for your dog in particular. This personalized data helps ensure that the activity it suggests is tailored specifically to your own pet.

  • Water Resistance – The Whistle 3 is waterproof with an IPX7 rating. This means your dog can trek through mud, rain, snow or even full immersion in water without any issues. You shouldn’t leave it in water for hours, but in day-to-day use, it’s quite durable.

    The Link is certified water-resistant up to 3 ft.

  • Connection – The Whistle 3 and Link AKC both use a combination of Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cellular signals to let you know where your dog is at all times.

  • Localization – Due to their reliance on AT&T cellular signals, the Whistle 3 and Link AKC are only available in the United States at this time.

How to Make Whistle 3 and Link AKC Even Better?

Link AKC - Accessories 01

While your Whistle 3 will likely be attached to your dog most of the time, we recommend looking into a No products found. when you have to transport it yourself.

The Link AKC also supports a Collar Accessory Sports Sleeve in either gray or pink that allows you to change up your pet’s look with a protective and reflective covering.

Which Would We Choose for Our Home?

Link AKC - Extra 01

Neither the Whistle 3 nor Link AKC is clearly superior, although they both triumph over the other in certain areas.

If you’re worried about your dog wandering into too cold or too hot enviroment, then the No products found. with its temperature sensor is your best bet. Plus, you can use remote Light & Sound to easily find your pet. However, with the Link AKC, you’ll have to sacrifice sleep tracking.

The Whistle 3 doesn’t have quite the same set of features, but the ability to monitor your pet while they’re sleeping in addition to normal activity is a major benefit that gives you a better picture of your pet’s overall health.

It’s easy to see from our comparison that both GPS/activity trackers have something worthwhile to offer. Which one is best truly depends on what you’re looking for.

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