Sonos Playbase vs. Playbar

Sonos Playbase vs Playbar

Let’s go over the differences between the Sonos Playbase vs. Playbar.

If you have a wall-mounted TV, you might like the idea of Playbar since it can also be wall-mounted.

Additionally, Sonos Playbar also comes with two Ethernet ports for extra flexibility.

Whereas Sonos Playbase has more amplifiers than the Playbar and also features an improved woofer for that richer and deeper bass sound.

The Short Version

Sonos Playbase = Stereo output, 10 class-D digital amplifiers, 3 tweeters, 6 mid-woofers, adjustable bass & treble, connects to TV, compatible with Amazon Alexa, works w/ Apple Airplay2 & Trueplay, set up over WiFi, supports a 2.4GHz WiFi, one ethernet port, touch control, one app control, IR control, dialog enhancement, night mode, no wall mount available.

Sonos Playbar = Stereo output, 9 digital class-D amplifiers, 3 tweeters, 6 mid-woofers, no woofer, adjustable bass & treble, connects to TV, compatible w/ Amazon Alexa, no Apple Airplay 2, comes w/ Trueplay, set up over WiFi, compatible w/ a 2.4GHz WiFi network, 2 ethernet ports, button control, one app control, IR control, dialog enhancement, night mode, wall mount available.

Which one are you getting?

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Sonos Playbase vs. Playbar — Easy Comparison Chart

Sonos Playbase  Sonos Playbar
Dimensions2.28 x 28.35 x 14.96 in.3.35 x 35.43 x 5.51 in.
Product finishBlack or WhiteBlack
Weight18.85 lbs.11.9 lbs.
Connect to TVVia Digital Optical CableVia Digital Optical Cable
Mono OutputNoNo
Stereo OutputYesYes
Class-D Digital Amplifiers109
Adjustable Bass & Treble ControlsYesYes
Audio line-inNoNo
Wall MountNoAvailable
Amazon AlexaYesYes
Amazon Alexa Built-InNoNo
Airplay 2YesNo
Humidity ResistantNoNo
WiFi802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz
Set Up Over WiFiYesYes
Ethernet Port12
Touch ControlYesNo
Button ControlNoYes
One App ControlYesYes
IR ControlYesYes
Dialog enhancementYesYes
Night modeYesYes

Sonos Playbase vs. Playbar — What’s Different?

Sonos Lifestyle

Mount Options – When it comes to setting up your new Sonos speaker, the Playbar model offers a bit more flexibility with its ability to be set up anywhere you like, under or over your entertainment system as well as coming with a wall-mount option.

Which Sonos Playbase lacks.

Sound Quality – Sonos Playbase is able to create richer notes with its’ ‘’S’’ shaped woofer for that natural deep sound, while also including 10 digital amplifiers, rather than the 9 of the Playbase.

However, keeping all that in mind, Playbar comes with more control with its treble, which results in an overall more enjoyable listening experience.

Design – In terms of the design, the Sonos Playbar features a long shape measuring at 900mm wide by 140mm high, making it easy to mount it on the wall, or place under your TV.

While Playbase comes in a flat and slim rectangular shape with rounded edges with smaller dimensions of 720mm x 58mm.

Additionally, Sonos Playbase is available in two colors: black & white, whereas the Playbar comes in black option only.

Airplay 2 – Sonos Playbase also offers compatibility with Apple Airplay 2 that allows you to stream your favorite tracks from your iOS device, directly to your Sonos speaker.

Unfortunately, Sonos Playbar doesn’t offer this compatibility.

On-Device Controls – Both Sonos smart speakers also offer on-device control.

The Sonos Playbar offers physical buttons for control, while the Playbase model uses a touch interface for a sleeker overall appearance and feel.

Ethernet Port – Lastly, Sonos Playbase includes a single ethernet port for internet connectivity, while the Playbar offers support for two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports.

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