Schlage Connect vs. Sense

Schlage Connect vs Sense

Let’s go over the differences between the Schlage Connect vs. Sense. 

First off, a major thing would be Schlage Sense’s compatibility with Bluetooth and HomeKit, and Schlage Connect’s support for Alexa and Z-Wave.

Apart from that, both smart locks are nearly identical to each other, and it really comes down to the smart home ecosystem you already have in place at home.

The Short Version

Schlage Connect = Z-Wave Connection, remote control via the hub, touchscreen keypad, includes keypad backlight, 30 max number of keycodes, includes a built-in alarm, Century & Camelot trim available, no Apple HomeKit, compatible w/ Alexa, Grade 1 lock.

Schlage Sense = Bluetooth connection, remote control Via Homekit or WiFi Adapter, touchscreen keypad type, includes a keypad backlight, 30 max keypad codes available, built-in alarm, Century & Camelot trim available, compatible w/ Apple HomeKit, no Alexa, Grade 1 lock.

Which one are you getting?

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Schlage Connect vs. Sense — Easy Comparison Chart

Schlage Connect Schlage Sense
Lock GradeGrade 1Grade 1
TrimsCentury, CamelotCentury, Camelot
Max Number of PIN Codes3030
Remote ControlVia HubVia Homekitor WiFi Adapter
Keypad TypeTouchscreenTouchscreen
Keypad BacklightYesYes
Built-in AlarmYesYes
Amazon AlexaYesNo
Apple HomekitNoYes

Schlage Connect vs. Sense — What’s Different?

Schlage Sense

Voice Control – In terms of voice control it’s quite straightforward, you can only use Alexa’s voice commands with Schlage Connect, whereas Sense is only compatible with HomeKit, therefore you’ll use Siri as your voice assistant.

Technology – When it comes to the technology used, Schlage Sense integrates with Bluetooth, whereas the Connect model is compatible with Z-Wave, which could potentially offer more flexible compatibility with other Z-Wave products in the future.

Remote Control – While both of these smart locks come with remote control capabilities, there are however a few differences.

The Schlage Sense locks include two ways of remote control, by pairing it with an Apple TV, or any other Homekit device, or by pairing it with a Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter.

And the Schlage Connect utilizes Z-wave technology, which requires you to have a hub such as Wink or SmartThings.

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