Schlage Connect vs. August Smart Lock Pro

Schlage Connect vs August Smart Lock Pro

Let’s look at the differences between the Schlage Connect vs. August Smart Lock Pro, and see which is a better fit for you.

If you want to replace your whole lock, then Schlage Connect is a good option to consider. It’s also more advanced when it comes to security, and also includes a built-in alarm too,

While August Smart Lock Pro is better suited for those of you who prefer keeping your existing lock & keys and also like the idea of a smart lock including technology such as geofencing. Plus, the lock features flexibility when it comes to smart home integration.

The Short Version

Schlage Connect = Z-Wave technology, remote control via Z-Wave hub, exterior & interior installation, comes w/ built-in alarm, no DoorSense technology, creates up to 30 different access codes, lock Grade 1, comes w/ touchscreen keypad.

August Smart Lock Pro = Bluetooth, Apple HomeKit & Z-Wave Plus technology, remote control via August Connect, or Doorbell Cam Pro, or Apple Home Hub, or Z-Wave Hub, interior only installation, no built-in alarm, DoorSense technology, unlimited access codes, button keypad sold separately.

Which one are you getting?

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Schlage Connect vs. August Smart Lock Pro— Easy Comparison Chart

Schlage Connect August Smart Lock Pro
Keypad TypeTouchscreenButtons
Remote Controlvia Z-Wave Hubvia August Connector Doorbell Cam Pro or Apple Home Hub or Z-Wave Hub
Lock GradeGrade 1
Apple HomeKit
Z-Wave Plus
InstallationExterior + interiorInterior only
Built-in AlarmYesNo
DoorSense™ TechnologyNoYes
Shared Access30 codes max.Unlimited
KeypadYesSold separately

Schlage Connect vs. August Smart Lock Pro — What’s Different?

August Smart Lock

Shared Access – Schlage Connect allows you to create up to 30 unique access codes to share amongst friends & family, while August Smart Lock Pro takes that a step further by letting you create unlimited access PIN codes.

Technology – August Smart Lock comes with more smart options since it works with HomeKit, Bluetooth and Z-Wave Plus technology, while Schlage only supports the standard Z-Wave.

DoorSense Technology – DoorSense technology will let you know whether your door is locked or open by using the magnetic field strips for added peace of mind.

While August Smart Lock Pro supports this type of function, unfortunately, Schlage doesn’t.

In-Home & Remote Control – For at home control, August Smart lock uses a Bluetooth connection via your smartphone, but you’ll need an August Connect if you wish to pair with your home’s Wifi network.

Additionally, you can also use a Z-Wave hub or Apple TV for remote control as well.

Whereas with Schlage only turns into a smart lock when connected to a Z-Wave hub.

Security – When it comes to security, Schlage Connect is one of the more reliable locks with its Grade 2 lock quality, while with August the security of your lock really depends on your existing deadbolt.

Auto Unlock – The August Pro lock will automatically unlock whenever you approach the door due to its clever geofencing technology.

While with Schlage you’ll need to have your PIN code ready or the Z-Wave hub’s app.

Installation – In terms of installation, August Smart lock isn’t as complicated as Schlage since you’ll only need to replace the interior system, while Schlage Connect requires both the interior as well as the exterior to be installed.

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