Roborock S6 vs. Neato D7

Roborock S6 vs Neato D7

Let’s take a look at the differences between the Roborock S6 vs. Neato D7.

Most of the differences are slight, but Roborock’s mopping function and added cleaning modes are big ones.

Whereas Neato comes with better technology such as its quick charging function and integration with IFTTT.

In the end, you’re choosing between Roborock S6, a model that can both mop as well as vacuum your floors, or Neato D7, which only sweeps.

The Short Version

Roborock S6 = Vacuums & mops, virtual No-go Areas via App, MiHome app, no quick charging function, scheduled cleaning available, Alexa & Google Assistant, recharge & resume function, compatible w/ virtual walls, run time of 150 minutes, Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Max cleaning modes, 2000Pa suction power, high-accuracy laser range finder navigation, no Find Me feature, no IFTTT.

Neato D7 = Only vacuums, virtual No-go Areas via App, uses Neato app, quick charging function, scheduled cleaning, Alexa & Google Assistants, recharge & resume available, no virtual walls, 120 minutes run time, comes in a ‘’D’’ shaped design, Turbo, and Eco cleaning modes, 2000Pa suction power, LaserSmart Technology navigation, compatible w/ IFTTT.

Which one are you getting?

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Roborock S6 vs. Neato D7 — Easy Comparison Chart

Roborock S6 Neato D7
Dimensions 13.8 x 13.7 x 3.7 in. 12.5 x 13.2 x 3.9 in.
‘D’ Shaped DesignNoYes
Cleaning ModesQuiet, Balanced, Turbo and MaxTurbo and Eco
Quick ChargingNoYes
Scheduled CleaningYesYes
Voice ControlAlexa & Google AssistantAlexa & Google Assistant
Find MeNoYes
Recharge & ResumeYesYes
Virtual WallsYesNo
Run Time150 minutes120 minutes
Suction Power2000Pa2000Pa
Virtual No-go Areas via AppYesYes
NavigationHigh-Accuracy LaserRange FinderLaserSmart Technology

Roborock S6 vs. Neato D7 — What’s Different?

Neato D7

Cleaning Modes – There are a few differences when it comes to the cleaning modes offered by both vacuums.

Neato D7 only comes with Turbo and Eco mode, while Roborock offers us Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Max suction modes.

It’s true that there are similarities between the modes, however, Roborock S6 still comes with more options.

Sweeping and mopping – Roborock also has a huge advantage in the fact that it can both sweep as well as mop your floors for a total clean.

Whereas Neato D7 only sweeps.

IFTTT – You can do a whole lot more when using IFTTT, like create a chain of commands for your smart devices to follow.

Luckily, Neato D7 is compatible with this software.

Quick Charging – Neato also comes with the quick charging function which allows your smart robot to sense when its battery is running low, as well as run back to its base and gather just enough power needed in order to finish its task.

Unfortunately, Roborock lacks this feature.

Find Me – Whenever your Neato goes missing in your home, you can easily use the Find Me addition in your app, allowing you to locate it quickly.

This feature is only available to Neato.

Design – In terms of the design, Neato D7 comes in a unique “D” shaped form which allows it to get into those hard to reach places and edges with less difficulty.

While Roborock s6 features the traditional round shape design.

Run-Time – Roborock comes out ahead with its impressive 150 minutes run time, giving it more time to clean your home when comparing it to Neato’s lesser 120 minutes.

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