Ring vs. Ring 2

Ring vs. Ring 2

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between the Ring vs. Ring 2.

To begin, the video resolution is a major difference as Ring 2 supports a vibrant 1080p HD resolution, while Ring comes with a much lesser quality of 720p.

Additionally, Ring 2 also features a more advanced motion detection technology but lacks the original Ring’s increased field of view and longer battery life.

Regardless, we still prefer Ring 2 due to its clear video quality and easier battery-charging.

The Short Version

Ring = Can be wireless or hardwired, battery life lasts up to 6-12 months, 8-24 VAC compatible doorbell transformer, advanced 180 degrees horizontal & 140 degrees vertical field of view, basic 720p HD video resolution, live-view on-demand only when wired, black & white night vision, basic motion detection, two-way talk included, supports a 2.4GHz network, operating temperature ranges from -5 – 120°F, comes in four finishes.

Ring 2 = Can be wireless or hardwired, 6-month battery life, compatible with a16-24 VAC doorbell transformer,   160 degrees horizontal & 100 degrees vertical field of view, advanced 1080p HD video resolution, live-view on-demand only when wired, black & white color night vision, supports a 2.4GHz network, advanced motion detection, includes two-way audio, operating temperature from -5 – 120°F, comes w/  2 faceplates.

Which one are you getting?

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Ring vs. Ring 2 — Easy Comparison Chart

Ring Ring 2
Operating Temperature-5 – 120°F (-20 – 50°C)-5 – 120°F (-20 – 50°C)
Field of View180 degrees horizontal,
140 degrees vertical
160 degrees horizontal,
100 degrees vertical
Power OptionsBattery/HardwiredBattery/Hardwired
Battery Life6-12 months6 months
Compatible Doorbell Transformers8-24 VAC, DC not compatible16-24 VAC, DC not compatible
Resolution720p HD1080p HD
Live-View on demandOnly if wiredOnly if wired
Night VisionYesYes
Color Night VisionBlack/WhiteBlack/White
Motion DetectionBasicAdvanced
Compatible Networks2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Live View Motion TriggeredYesYes
Size4.98 x 2.43 x 0.87 inches
12.65 x 6.17 x 2.21 cm
5.05 x 2.50 x 1.08 inches
12.83 x 6.35 x 2.74 cm
Web AppYesYes
Operating Temperature-5 – 120°F-5 – 120°F
Two-Way AudioYesYes
Mounting Screws44
Security Screws21
FinishAvailable in four finishesIncludes 2 faceplates

Ring vs. Ring 2 — What’s Different?

Ring doorbell 2

Field of View – Ring definitely comes out ahead in terms of its field of view as it features a 180 degree horizontal and 140 degrees vertical viewing range, while Ring 2 offers a less impressive 160-degree horizontal view, as well as a 100-degree vertical view.

Resolution – While both models feature an HD resolution, Ring 2 includes a far more powerful resolution of 1080p HD vs. Ring’s 720p.

Allowing Ring 2 to offer you a much clearer and vibrant live-view of the surroundings.

Compatible doorbell transformers – If you decide to hardwire your doorbell, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct transformer, as Ring 2 is compatible with a 16-24 VAC transformer, while Ring can be paired with an 8-24 VAC one.

Battery Life – Both Ring and Ring 2 have the optional battery-powered method, however, the Ring features a more impressive battery life lasting up to 6-12 months, compared to Ring’s 2 6 months.

Swappable battery – Additionally, there is also a difference in how the battery is swapped, when it comes to both models.

Ring 2 offers us an easy method of featuring a swappable battery, meaning that you can simply take out the battery without needing to remove the whole device like you would have to for the previous Ring model.

Finish –  In terms of the finish, Ring comes with more color options of Antique Brass, Polished Brass, Satin Nickel, and Venetian Bronze. While Ring 2 features two interchangeable faceplates of Satin Nickel & Venetian Bronze.

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