Nest Yale vs. August Smart Lock Pro

Nest Yale vs August Smart Lock Pro

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between the Nest Yale vs. August Smart Lock Pro.

To begin, August’s smart home integration is a major difference, as well as coming with additional functions such as geofencing, unlimited passcodes via the keypad, DoorSense technology, and more.

While Nest Yale works very well with other Nest products and is a good option to go for if you already have a Nest ecosystem set up at home.

However, when it comes to the better model we recommend August Smart Lock Pro based on its more advanced technology and a wide array of features available.

The Short Version

Nest Yale = Weave technology, remote control via Nest Connect or Nest Secure, Exterior + interior installation, built-in alarm, privacy mode, no auto-unlock, no DoorSense, shared access of 20 codes max, Grade 2 lock, touchscreen keypad, 4 AA batteries required, no Alexa or HomeKit.

August Smart Lock Pro = Bluetooth, Apple HomeKit & Z-Wave Plus technology, remote control via August Connect or Doorbell Cam Pro or Apple Home Hub or Z-Wave Hub, Interior only installation, nu built-in alarm, no privacy mode, comes w/ auto-unlock, DoorSense technology, In-Home goods delivery, unlimited shared access, no keypad, uses 4 AA batteries, Alexa & HomeKit compatible.

Which one are you getting?

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Nest Yale vs. August Smart Lock Pro — Easy Comparison Chart

Nest Yale August Smart Lock Pro
DimensionsExterior: 2.59″ x 4.59″ x 0.80″
Interior: 2.78″ x 7.03″ x 2.02″
3.39” x 3.39” x 2.22”
Batteries4 AA batteries4 AA batteries
DoorSense™ TechnologyN/AYes
Remote Controlvia Nest Connector
Nest Secure
via August Connector Doorbell Cam Pro or Apple Home Hubor Z-Wave Hub
Apple HomeKit
Z-Wave Plus
InstallationExterior + interiorInterior only
Shared Access20 codes max.Unlimited
Built-in AlarmYesN/A
Privacy ModeYes N/A
In-Home Goods DeliveryN/AYes
Lock GradeGrade 2
Amazon AlexaN/AYes
Batteries4 AA batteries4 AA batteries
Keypad TypeTouchscreen
KeypadYesSold Separately

Nest Yale vs. August Smart Lock Pro — What’s Different?

Nest Yale

Installation – August Smart Lock Pro comes with an easier installation process since it isn’t completely replacing the lock.

While Nest Yale requires a bit more know-how as you’re replacing both the interior as well as the exterior of your deadbolt.

Technology – Additionally August Lock Pro is also far more flexible than Nest when it comes to smart home integration.

As August is compatible Bluetooth, Apple HomeKit, and Z-Wave Plus connections for more options when it comes to your home.

While Nest only supports the Weave technology with zero integration with smart products outside of the Nest family.

Goods Delivery – With August Pro you can also take advantage of the August Access service.
This allows you to select in-home delivery when shopping online with select retailers and will generate a one-time access code, allowing the delivery person access to your front door with ease.

Unfortunately, Nest doesn’t include this function.

Remote Control – There are also a couple of differences between the two models when it comes to the remote control.

The Nest Yale lock uses WiFi as well as the Nest app via the Nest Guard or Nest Connect in order to access the remote control feature.

However, if you do buy the Nest Lock from Amazon, you’ll also receive Nest Connect included in the box, so you won’t need to worry about getting a new one.

Similarly, for August you’ll also need a hub such as the August Connect WiFi bridge.
When you opt for the August Connect, you’ll also be able to take advantage of additional features such as checking the real-time status of your door, and the power to lock & unlock the door from wherever you are.

Smart Home Integration – As we already mentioned before, August Smart Lock Pro is also pretty flexible when it comes to smart home integration.

Additionally, with August you have the opportunity to take advantage of the voice control technology with Alexa and Siri, as well as support for Stringify and the Xfinity Home app.

You can also use Harmony and Honeywell Hub products too.

If you’re an Airbnb host, you might like August Pro since it supports integration with HomeAway and Airbnb by being able to actually automatically generate a code that is valid from check-in to check out.

While Nest isn’t as flexible as August, it does, however, work very well within its own ecosystem of products.

As well as providing compatibility with Google Home when it comes to voice control.

Access Code Memory Capacity – Both smart locks allow you to generate unique passcodes to give out to your friends and family.

While Nest Yale can generate up to 20 different PIN codes, August takes it further by allowing you to create an unlimited number of codes.

Built-in Alarm – Nest Yale comes with a built-in alarm that will and notify you via smartphone when someone is trying to tamper with the security.

While August Lock doesn’t include this function.

DoorSense Technology – August Smart Lock Pro also includes DoorSense technology that comes with a small magnet that will alert you as to whether the door is actually shut, for extra peace of mind.

Keypad – While both smart locks support keypad access, Nest Yale actually comes with one already included with the purchase.

Whereas August offers the flexibility of being able to install it wherever you wish and create up to 220 unique passcodes to give out.

Privacy Mode – Nest also comes with the privacy mode feature which will lock the door for anyone currently outside the home, unfortunately, August lacks this feature.

Auto-Unlock – August also includes a geofencing function that uses Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, and GPS technologies to lock & unlock the door as you’re leaving or returning home.

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