Lutron Caseta vs. RadioRA 2

Lutron Caseta vs RadioRA 2

We’re going to go over the differences between the Lutron Caseta vs. RadioRA 2, and which is better for you and your home.

If you have smaller space, and fewer devices you wish to connect, the Lutron Caseta is a good option to consider.

As it supports up to 2,500 sq. ft. range, and can connect with up to 50 devices.

While No products found. comes with a staggering 7,500 sq. ft. coverage range, and can support up to 200 devices making it ideal for larger homes.

The Short Version

Lutron Caseta = Supports up to 50 devices, coverage of pp to 2,500 sq. ft., Local (RF) system design, Pico zone controls & Pico keypads style controls, no GRAFIK Eye, supports Sivoia QS Wireless Sivoia QS Triathlon & Serena shades, Lutron app software, easy installation, Third-party integration & Lutron Wireless thermostat temperature control, no sensors, no dimming panels, fan control, works with IFTTT, compatible w/ Google Assistant, HomeKit & Alexa, works w/ Logitech, Sonos, Nest, SmartThings & Wink.

No products found. = Can connect up to 200 devices, coverage of up to up to 7,500 sq. ft., Local (RF), system design, Pico zone controls, Pico keypads RF Maestro dimmers and switches, RF seeTouch keypads, RF seeTouch hybrid keypads, GRAFIK T dimmer, and switch & GRAFIK T Hybrid keypad style controls, GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless, Sivoia QS Wireless & Sivoia QS Triathlon shades compatibility, Third-party integration, Lutron Wireless thermostat, Lutron HVAC controller & TouchPRO Wireless thermostat temperature control, RF occupancy/vacancy & RF temperature sensors, WPM dimming panels, works w/ Connect App, Maestro RF fan control, no IFTTT, compatible w/ Alexa, Google & HomeKit, works w/ Sonos & Nest, professional installation recommended.

Which one are you getting?

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Lutron Caseta vs. RadioRA 2 — Easy Comparison Chart

Lutron Caseta No products found.
Requires Professional InstallationDIYProfessional Installation Preferable
Google Assistant SupportYesYes
Apple HomeKit SupportYesYes
Amazon Alexa SupportYesYes
System size50 devices200 devices
System designLocal (RF)Local (RF)
CoverageUp to 2,500 sq. ft. Up to 7,500 sq. ft.
Finish5 colors availableOver 45 colors available
Works with WinkYesN/A
Works with SmartThingsYesN/A
Works with NestYesYes
Works with SonosYesYes
Works with LogitechYesN/A
Designer style controlsPico zone controls Pico keypadsPico zone controls Pico keypads
RF Maestro dimmers and switches
RF seeTouch keypads RF seeTouch hybrid keypads
GRAFIK T dimmer and switch GRAFIK T Hybrid keypad
ShadesSivoia QS Wireless*Sivoia QS Triathlon*†SerenaSivoia QS WirelessSivoia QS Triathlon
Temperature controlThird-party integrationLutron Wireless thermostatThird-party integration
Lutron Wireless thermostat
Lutron HVAC controller
TouchPRO Wireless thermostat
Fan ControlLutron PD-FSQN-WH Caseta WirelessMaestro RF fan control
SensorsRF occupancy/vacancy RF temperature
Dimming panelsWPM
SoftwareLutron AppConnect App

Lutron Caseta vs. RadioRA 2 — What’s Different?


IFTTT – Unfortunately RadioRA 2 offers no compatibility with IFTTT, meaning that you won’t be able to create a series of commands since it mainly uses its sensors for that.

While Lutron Caseta is compatible with IFTTT.

Installation – Additionally when it comes to installation, RadioRA 2 is a little bit more complicated so you’d be better off getting it professionally installed.

While Lutron Caseta is pretty easy to configure and set up with no additional wiring required.

System Size – The biggest difference between the two models, is the fact that RadioRA 2 comes with four times the connected devices allowed which is a staggering 200 devices, vs. Catea’s 50.

Making RA 2 ideal for much larger homes and spaces.

Designer Style Controls – While both Lutron Caseta & RadioRA 2 support Pico controls, RA2 offers far more flexibility in this department.

For example, RA 2 is also compatible with the RF seeTouch keypads, RF seeTouch hybrid keypad, GRAFIK T dimmers and switches, GRAFIK T Hybrid keypad, and F Maestro dimmers & switches.

Coverage – Since RA 2 can have more devices connected to it, it makes sense for it to have a wider coverage as well.

Which is why RadioRA 2 has an impressive range of 7500 sq ft, compared to Caseta’s 2500 sq ft.

Temperature Control & Sensors – While both options come with temperature control function, with RadioRA 2 you can find a wider variety of products when it comes to temperature control and sensors.

Such as the Lutron HVAC controller and TouchPRO Wireless thermostat.

Cost – When it comes to price, RA 2 is definitely the more expensive model when compared to Lutron Caseta.

Software – Because it’s a more basic smart lighting product, Lutron Caseta uses the regular Lutron app.

While the more advanced RadioRA 2 is compatible with the upgraded Lutron Connect software.

Shades – While both systems are compatible with Lutron Shades, there are a couple of differences.

For example, Lutron Caseta is compatible with the Sivoia QS Wireless and Sivoia QS Triathlon shades with a Smart Bridge Pro.

Whereas RadioRA 2 offers integration with both Sivoia shades with full functionality available.

Finish – In terms of the design, RadioRA 2 offers a wide array of up to 45 different color tones to opt for, while Lutron Caseta comes with 5 available shades.

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