Lutron Caseta vs. RA2 Select

Lutron Caseta vs RA2 Select

In our article, we’ll talk about the differences between the Lutron Caseta vs. RA2 Select.

Honestly, there’s quite a few, but the important ones are RA2 Select’s increased coverage range, and its ability to support up to 100 connected devices.

However, when it comes to choosing the best model, it really depends on the space you have.
If you have a smaller home and are happy to operate up to 50 devices, then Lutron Caseta Wireless is a good option to consider.

Otherwise, for that extra power, we recommend going with RA2 Select.

The Short Version

Lutron Caseta = Third-party integration & Lutron Wireless thermostat, 50 devices system size, up to 2,500 sq. ft. coverage, Pico zone controls & Pico keypads design style controls, Sivoia QS Wireless, Sivoia QS Triathlon & Serena shades, no sensors, Lutron app, supports fan control, compatible w/ IFTTT, Alexa, HomeKit & Google Assistant, works with Wink, SmartThings, Nest, Sonos & Logitech, doesn’t require professional installation.

RA2 Select = System size of 100 devices, pp to 5,000 sq. ft. coverage, Pico zone controls, Pico keypads & RF Maestro dimmers and switches style controls, Sivoia QS Wireless & Sivoia QS Triathlon shades, Third-party integration & Lutron Wireless thermostat temperature control, RF occupancy/vacancy sensors, Lutron app software, Maestro RF fan control, supports IFTTT, Alexa, HomeKit & Google Assistant, Works with SmartThings, Nest, Sonos & Logitech, can be installed professionally or by yourself.

Which one are you getting?

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Lutron Caseta vs. RA2 Select — Easy Comparison Chart

Lutron Caseta RA2 Select
Temperature controlThird-party integrationLutron Wireless thermostatThird-party integrationLutron Wireless thermostat
Finish5 colors availableOver 45 colors available
SoftwareLutron AppLutron App
System size50 devices100 devices
Designer style controlsPico zone controlsPico keypadsPico zone controlsPico keypadsRF Maestro dimmers and switches
CoverageUp to 2,500 sq. ft.Up to 5,000 sq. ft.
System designLocal (RF)Local (RF)
Works with LogitechYesYes
ShadesSivoia QS Wireless*Sivoia QS Triathlon*†SerenaSivoia QS Wireless†Sivoia QS Triathlon
Works with SonosYesYes
SensorsN/ARF occupancy/vacancy
Fan ControlLutron PD-FSQN-WH Caseta WirelessMaestro RF fan control
Works with NestYesYes
Works with SmartThingsYesYes
Amazon Alexa SupportYesYes
Works with WinkYesN/A
Google Assistant SupportYesYes
Apple HomeKit SupportYesYes

Lutron Caseta vs. RA2 Select— What’s Different?


Designer Style Controls – The RA2 Select not only supports the Pico remote, but Pico keypad, Pico zone controls, and even RF Maestro dimmers and switches for more control.

While Lutron Caseta is compatible with Pico keypads it doesn’t offer as much flexibility as RA2 Select.

Installation – Additionally, the Lutron Caseta is pretty easy to set up as no additional wiring is needed.

While RA2 isn’t complicated either, there is some wiring and know-how involved.

System Size – The RA2 Select can support twice as many devices since it can connect to up to 100, while Caseta can host up to 50 connections.

Sensors – RA2 also has an advantage over Caseta when it comes to its support for additional sensors.

While Lutron Caseta doesn’t have as many sensors as RA2, you still have the ability to use 3rd party sensors if you wish.

While RA2 Select comes with e Radio Powr Savr occupancy and vacancy sensors which allow you to seamlessly turn lights on as you enter a room and off when you go.

Coverage –  If you have a larger home, then RA2 Select is a good option to go for as it offers an impressive range of 7500 sq ft coverage.

While Lutron Caseta has a smaller coverage of 2500 sq ft.

Design – When it comes to color options, RA2 Select provides up to 45 different finishes, so you can take your pick.

While Lutron Caseta comes in only 5 shades.

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