LIFX Mini vs. Philips Hue Gen 3

LIFX Mini vs Philips Hue Gen 3

In our article, we’ll talk about the differences between the LIFX Mini vs. Philips Hue Gen 3.

Honestly, there’s quite a few, but the important ones are LIFX Mini improved color temperature, advanced beam angle, and 1% — 100% dimming capabilities.

When it comes to comparing both products, LIFX affordable price and advanced capabilities outweigh those of Philips Hue Gen 3 smart bulbs.

The Short Version

LIFX Mini = 800 Lumens w/ 9 Watts of full brightness, the color temperature of 2500K-9000K, color range of 16 million, 1% — 100% dimming, WiFi technology, no hub required, app compatible w/ iOS 9+, Android 4.1+, Windows 10, integrates w/ Alexa, HomeKit, Cortana & Google, LED lifespan of 22.8 years, beam angle of 250 degrees, WPA/WPA2 security, can be used outside but not water-resistant, warranty of 2 years.

Philips Hue Gen 3 = 806 lumens w/ 10 Watts of full brightness, color temperature of 2000K-6500K, 16 million color range, no dimming, supports Zigbee technology, requires a hub, compatible w/ iOS & Android app, integrates w/ Alexa, Google, Cortana & HomeKit, LED lifespan of 22.8 years, 160-degree beam angle, indoor use only, 3-year warranty.

Which one are you getting?

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LIFX Mini vs. Philips Hue Gen 3 — Easy Comparison Chart

LIFX Mini Philips Hue Gen 3
Product Dimensions2.36 x 2.36 x 4.13 in2.4 x 4.3 in
Outside UseYesNo
Wi-Fi Router Requirement2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/nEthernet Port for Hue Bridge
Alexa & GoogleYesYes
Dimming1% — 100%No
Lumens800 Lm.806 Lm.
Colour Range16 million colors16 million colors
Color Temperature2500K-9000K2000K-6500K
Requires a HubN/AYes
AppiOS 9+, Android 4.1+, Windows 10iOS, Android
Full Brightness9 Watts 10 Watts
Beam Angle 250 degrees160 degrees (A19)
LED Life-Span22.8 years (based on 3hrs/day)22.8 years (based on 3hrs/day)
Bulb TypesE26, E27 Screw or B22 BayonetE26, E12, BR30, GU10, PAR16
Warranty2 years3 years
Weight0.31 lbsN/A

LIFX Mini vs. Philips Hue Gen 3 — What’s Different?


Fitting – There are a couple of differences when it comes to fitting in your new smart light.

For example, LIFX works with E26, E27 Screw or B22 Bayonet fittings, while  Philips Hue fits in with E26, E12, BR30, GU10, and PAR16.

Brightness – Philips Hue Gen 3 does have a higher number of lumens compared to LIFX Mini, however, you can still expect a brighter glow from LIFX Mini.

Since its color temperature ranges from 2500–9000K, compared to Philip’s 2000–6500K.

Beam Angle – Additionally, LIFX Mini also has a higher beam angle of 250 degrees which can fill even more of the room with light, vs. Philip Hue’s 160 degrees.

Outside Use – If you wish to bring your lights outside, you can with LIFX Mini light bulbs.
Just make sure that they aren’t exposed to water.

While Philips Hue Gen 3 can only be used indoors.

Technology & Hub – When it comes to connecting to your router, LIFX Mini uses a WiFi connection while Philips Hue uses ZigBee technology to communicate and also requires a Philips Hue Bridge to connect to the internet.

While both methods have their advantages, it’s worth considering that Philip’s Zigbee technology is actually faster and runs with less interference.

Price – In terms of the price, LIFX Mini bulbs are slightly more affordable than Philips Hue Gen 3, mainly because you don’t need a hub in order to operate your LIFX bulbs, while you do need one for Philips Hue.

Warranty – Philips Hue additionally comes with an impressive 3-year warranty, which beats LIFX 2 years.

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