Best LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs

Best LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs

Create a warm atmosphere with these unique led flame bulbs. Indoors or outdoors, you can easily mimic the real flame. Besides, with the flame imitating LED bulbs you can count on energy-saving since they use very little power to provide that warm glow and flickering effect.

There are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Socket and bulb size – flame-effect LED bulbs come in a wide range of different sizes, some are bulkier than others. Plus, the bulb base varies greatly, from a tiny E12 that’ll provide soft flickering flame to E26 that gives a more convincing flame look, you can pick the perfect fit for your lighting fixture. 
  • Brightness – The real open flame is usually not too bright, around 80 to 200 lumens. That’s why the fire light bulbs are also pretty dim to give you that unique ambiance of a real flame. Some bulbs might be too bright and look out of place, so it’s important to keep an eye on that specification.
  • Dimming – The flame effect light bulbs use variable brightness for a more convincing effect that’s why normally they’re pre-programmed with the dimming level which you can’t change. 
  • Upsidedown flame effect – To make things even more realistic, the flame in bulbs will go upwards, as in nature. It’ll start at the base of the light bulb and go up towards the tip. So what if your lighting fixture has a socket at the top? No need to panic. There are some light bulbs that can automatically detect their orientation and provide the upsidedown flame effect if needed. 

This is not a common feature, so make sure to check for it when choosing your led lights. 

Popular LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs

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