Eufy 11S vs. 30C

Eufy 11S vs 30C

Let’s look at the differences between the Eufy 11S vs. 30C and see which is a better fit for you.

While Eufy 11S provides a good clean for your home without breaking the bank, the more advanced eufy 30C comes with stronger suction power, efficient smart home compatibility, and even more powerful cleaning modes.

So if you don’t mind to shell out a little more, then Eufy 30C is the best model out of the two.

The Short Version

Eufy 11S = 100 mins. run time, doesn’t work with boundary markers, 1300Pa suction power, 55dB noise level, no WiFi, comes w/ scheduling, no Google Assistant or Alexa, 0.6L dustbin capacity, comes w/ V-shaped brush & 2 side brushes, recharge & resume function, comes w. Carpet boost, Auto, Edge, Spot & Single room cleaning mode, 3-point system cleaning system, comes w/ cliff sensor, remote control, no Find My Robot function.

Eufy 30C = 100 mins run time, works w/ boundary markers, 1500Pa suction power, 55- 63dB noise level, WiFi, scheduling feature, compatible w/ Google Assistant & Alexa, 0.6L dustbin capacity, comes w/ a V-shaped brush & 2 side brushes, recharge & resume function, comes w/ carpet boost, Standard, BoostIQ, & Max cleaning mode, 3-point cleaning system, comes w/ a cliff sensor, remote control, includes Find My Robot feature.

Which one are you getting?

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Eufy 11S vs. 30C — Easy Comparison Chart

Eufy 11S Eufy 30C
Find My RobotNoYes
Remote Control(IR)YesYes
Dimensions12.8” x 2.85”12.8” x 2.85”
Run Time100 mins100 mins
Suction Power1300Pa1500Pa
Cleaning ModesAuto, Edge, Spot, Single roomStandard, BoostIQ, Max
Works w/ Boundary MarkersNoYes
Dustbin Capacity0.6L0.6L
BrushesV-shaped brush & 2 side brushesV-shaped brush & 2 side brushes
Recharge & ResumeYesYes
Carpet Boost YesYes
Google Assistant & Amazon AlexaNoYes
Cleaning System3-point system3-point system
Cliff SensorYesYes
Noise Level55dB55-63dB

Eufy 11S vs. 30C — What’s Different?

eufy 30c

Find My Robot – With eufy 30C comes the Find My Robot feature which will allow you to locate the vacuum via the app, whenever it goes missing!

Unfortunately, 11S doesn’t include this feature.

Smart Connectivity – Eufy 30C also has an advantage when it comes to connectivity, as it supports a WiFi connection.

Meaning that you can take advantage of features such as voice control and even scheduling, all of which eufy 11S lacks.

No-Go Zones – Additionally, eufy 30C also includes 13.2 ft boundary strips that allow you to place around your home on areas where you wish to keep your smart vacuum out of.
Whereas 11S isn’t compatible with these types of strips.

Suction Power – When it comes to suction power, eufy 30 C impresses us with its 1500Pa vs. eufy 11S’s 1300Pa for an even more powerful clean.

Cleaning – While both smart vacuums use similar cleaning systems, eufy 30C is better designed to tackle low-to-medium pile carpets, whereas 11S is more built for low pile rugs.

Alexa & Google – As we already mentioned before, since eufy 30C uses a WiFi connection, it’s easily compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands for a more efficient hands-free type of control that 11S lacks.

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