Best Yard Hydrant — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Yard Hydrant

The top yard hydrant we’re going to talk about today is the Woodford Y34-4 Yard Hydrant Freezeless model. This model includes an automatic draining hole during shut-off, and there’ll still be immediate flowing even during sub-zero weather conditions.

The Short Version

Everbilt Bury

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Our top steelyard hydrant is the Everbilt Bury. It’s constructed out of a heavy-duty cast iron head for durability, that also consists of a rod that is built of brass. Additionally, it’s certified frost-proof and is simple to install.


Steel: It’s galvanized steel construction makes the hydrant extra durable.

Frost-poor: Additionally, this model is also able to withstand frosty weather conditions.

Bucket Hook: For added convenience, the hydrant comes with a bucket hook.

O-Ring: It’s added O-ring seal ensures that it uses a positive seal time.

Simple: Lastly, this model is also pretty simple to use and install.


Price: This model is quite pricey.

Water Source YH-2

WATER SOURCE YH-2 2' Yard Hydrant
  • The product is manufactured in china
  • The product is highly durable and easy to use
  • Easy installation and easy handling

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This durable yard hydrant includes a nylon valve seat which can easily be replaced, while also being extra leak proof. In addition, this model is IAPMO R&T Labs certified and possesses a less than 0.25% lead content.


Setup: The hydrant is fairly simple to install and use.

FPT: This model also comes with a ¾” FPT bottom connection.

Brass Connection: There is also a brass connection to the rod, that ensures a rust-free, leak-proof and easy operation.

Replaceable Plunger: Lastly, Water Source YH-2 hydrant also includes a replaceable plunger, seat, rod and linkage.


System: There may be some additional items necessary to secure the system.

Simmons 802SB

Simmons 802SB 2' LD Free BURY Hydrant
  • Pistol type handle designed to prevent pinching hands
  • Easily padlocked to hydrant head
  • Hand wheel on 800 Series designed to lock flow of water to rate desired
  • Cast iron head and handle, Stainless steel extension rod
  • Bury Depth: 2-feet

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Our top durable yard hydrant is the Simmons 802SB. Its head is constructed out of galvanized steel & cast iron, and also includes a tamper-free lock to secure the hydrant. Moreover, it also features an automatic shut-off function, as well as a mechanized draining system after closing.


Handle: For added ease, the model features a pistol type of handle.

Extension Rod: The hydrant’s extension rod is crafted out of a stainless-steel material.

Iron Head: Its cast iron head build will ensure extra durability.

Lock: Additionally, this yard hydrant also offers a tamper-free lock to secure it down.

Drain: The model will drain automatically after closing.


Rust: The hosepipe may be exposed to rust.

Plunger: There are no rings used in the plunger.

Merill MFG B101-039

Merrill MFG B101-039 Standard Frost Proof Yard Hydrant, B-7000 Series, 1" Pipe Connection, 1" Galvanized Pipe, 1' Pipe Depth, 39.5" Total Length, 39.5"
  • Heavy Cast Iron Head simple high flow design
  • Heavy Cast Iron Handle simple oversized design
  • No Packing Gland Required
  • Double Bypass Valve Body
  • One Piece Plunger

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Our top lead-free yard hydrant is the Merill MFG B101-039. It features a heavy-cast iron head build, as well as the handle for extra durability. In addition to that, the hydrant is also frost-proof and it even uses galvanized pipes for extra reliability.


Pipes: The yard hydrant uses galvanized piping for increased durability.

Simple: The design itself is pretty simple and easy to use.

Lead-free: This hydrant is best known for the fact that it’s completely lead-free.

Replaceable: Lastly, the plunger seal is in fact replaceable.


Handle: The handle is a little too large.

Functions: There are no extra functions, such as shut-off.

Simmons 4802LF

Simmons Manufacturing 4802LF Premium Frost Proof Yard Hydrant, 2'
  • Yard hydrant
  • Cast iron head and handle
  • Blue polyester powder coated finish
  • 3/4 inch NPT Female Inlet

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Another lead-free yard hydrant on our list is the Simmons 4802LF. This model comes with a frost-proof design, as well as a cast-iron head and handle for extra durability. Additionally, this model also includes the ¾ inch NPT Female Inlet.


Material: This hydrant is constructed out of durable cast-iron material, with a blue polyester powder coating.

Frost-Proof: The model also offers a frost-proof design.

Portable: Due to its efficient design, the yard hydrant can be easily carried around.

NPT: Lastly, it comes with the ¾ inch NPT Female Inlet.


Shut-off: Unfortunately the adjustable shut-off valve isn’t included.

Parts2O FPH2

Parts2O FPH2 2-Feet Frost-Free Yard Hydrants
  • Corrosion-resistant standpipe
  • Lockable cast iron handle
  • Leak-proof seal with easily replaceable rod, plunger and linkage

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Our top budget-friendly yard hydrant is the  Parts2O FPH2. It includes a rust-resistant standpipe, and a lockable, durable cast iron handle. Additionally, this model also offers a leak-proof seal and replaceable plunger too.


Price: The hydrant features a more affordable price tag.

Rust-Resistant: The model’s standpipe is constructed out of corrosion-resistant material.

Handle: The handle is easily lockable.

Seal: Additionally the seal is leak-proof.

Replaceable: Lastly, the rod, plunger, and linkage can easily be replaced.


Cheap: Apart from the standpipe, most of the components are cheap.

Woodford Y34-4

Woodford Y34-4 Y34-4 Yard Hydrant Freezeless,4 ft bury depth, 84.5 inch overall length
  • Overall hydrant length is 75.5 inches- pipe connection is 3/4".
  • The flow finder and lock automatically sets the same flow each time or can be locked against accidental opening
  • The adjustable linkage provides easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock tension
  • Made in United States

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Our top freezes model is the Woodford Y34-4. It also includes a cushion type large seal, as well as a variable-flow plunger. Additionally, this hydrant comes with an automatic draining hole, and an adjustment linkage too.


Linkage: This model sports an adjustment linkage for added convenience.

Draining: The yard hydrant also includes an automatic draining hole.

Flowing: Even during sub-zero conditions, you’ll get immediate flowing.

Lock: There’s also a locking function preventing accidental opening.


Paint: The paint finish may get damage over time due to air exposure.