Best Thermostatic Radiator Valves — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Thermostatic Radiator Valves

When it comes to the best thermostatic radiator valve, our top pick would have to be the KES ML100 SOLID BRASS 3-Way Thermostatic Mixing Valve. It’s made from a durable solid brass body and provides both precise control and long-lasting use. Additionally, it also comes with a simple installation process, and 1/2″ male connections.

The Short Version

Honeywell V2040DSL15

Honeywell Thermostatic Radiator Valve - V2040DSL15 v100-6
  • Honeywell Thermostatic Radiator Valve - V2040DSL15 v100-6

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The Honeywell radiator valve includes Support both steam and hot water radiator actuators, as well as a clear indicator valve head.

In addition to that, it also supports 14 psi for the steam V100 series; 15 psi for V110 series and maximum differential of 17 psi.


Valve Seat Disc: The Honeywell Radiator Valve includes a handy valve seat disc.

Indicator: It’s clear indicator valve head includes marks of 1-5 and automatically provides shutoff when turned fully clockwise.

Dual Pipe-System: The radiator valve’s dual pipe-system can control the flow of both hot water or stream through the free-standing radiators, convectors, and other heating units.


Operator: The only con is that the model doesn’t include an operator with the package.


KES Thermostatic Mixing Valve SOLID BRASS Mixing Valve 3-Way G1/2 Male Connections, 68-119 ℉ Stepless Adjustment,ML100
  • Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) cartridge, ensuring precise control and long lasting.
  • PREMIUM BRASS BODY: ONE-PIECE STURDY BRASS (non-plastics) faucet body ensures quality and longevity.
  • CONNECTION: 1/2" male connections. Please confirm the size before purchasing.
  • 68-119 ℉ (20-48℃) Stepless Adjustment
  • Ideal for bathroom, washroom, kitchen, wash and etc.

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Our top pick radiator valve is the KES ML100 model. For the reason that it comes with a strong solid brass construction, and even includes all-male connections of ½”.

Additionally, it’s simple to install, and performs very well when converting hot water to cold.


Temperature Requirements: Since this model is a mixing valve, it comes with separate hot and cold temperature requirements.

Male Connections: The KES ML 100 radiator valve includes all ½” male connections.

Setup: Luckily this model is also pretty easy to install.

Construction: Lastly, the KES radiator valve features a solid, strong brass body ensuring its longevity.


Hose Fitting: Prior installation, you’ll need to check the hose fittings for the right connection.

Temperature Measurements: There may be some errors when it comes to temperature measurement accuracy.


Drayton by Schneider Electric 07 15 220 Drayton Valve Wiser Radiator Thermostat TRV Body, Chrome
  • Compatible with wiser Radiator Thermostats
  • 15mm Angled TRV body
  • 15mm compression fitting

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If you have a wiser radiator thermostat, then Drayton valve might be the best option for you.

This model can easily be used with most radiator models, and it provides good temperature controls as well as clear indications for added convenience.


Indications: This model features clear indications for accuracy.

Compatibility: The Dayton radiator valve can be used with most types of radiators.

Temperature Controls: It also features decent temperature controls.


Operator: This model doesn’t include an operator.

Elgato Eve Thermo

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The best wireless/app controlled radiator valve is the Elgato Eve Thermo. It features an elegant design, and convenient, smart control using Siri or app control. Additionally, you can even set autonomous schedules to match your daily routine.


App: This app-based valve features a convenient and user-friendly app that’s easy to use and navigate.

Siri: You can also take advantage of hands-free control by using Siri voice commands.

Setup: Additionally, the installation is a breeze, and should take you very little time and effort.

Design: This model features an aesthetic, elegant design that will look good in any room.


Price: This model is pretty expensive.

Local Controls: Unfortunately, Elgato Eve Thermo has no local controls other than Apple’s HomeKit.


SupaPlumb Thermostatic Radiator Valve (One Size) (Multicolored)
  • 1/2 Inch Thread, 15mm Compression, 8 and 10mm Reducers, Dual Flow.
  • Conforms to Safety Standard: BS EN 215.
  • Suitable for: 8, 10 and 15mm Pipe.

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Our most durable TRV is the Supaplumb option.

It comes with a durable design and a valve cap for further protection. In addition to that, it can also fit with any 8, 10, and 15mm pipe, for added convenience.


Connection: Due to its adjustable design, this radiator valve will easily connect with most radiators on the market.

Fittings: Additionally, the Supaplumb valve also comes with good fittings for extra reliability.

Valve: There is also an additional valve cap included for added protection.


Operator: The only con is that its operator quality isn’t the best.


Thermostatic Radiator Valve, Size 3/4 in.
  • Price For: Each BtuH Capacity: 162,000 Coefficient of Volume: 5.8 Body Style: Angle Temp. Range: 248 Degrees F max. Max. Pressure: Water 150 psi, Steam 15 psi Pipe Size: 3/4" Item: Thermostatic Radiator Valve Tailpiece: Threaded Country of Origin (subject to change): United States

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The top budget-friendly valve on our list is the Honeywell Thermostatic Radiator option.

This model is made in the USA, and comes with a connection angle of ¾”. It also offers a sturdy, long-lasting body and a durable EPDM rubber valve disc.


Easy: Luckily this model is easy to connect with the radiator, depending on the measurements.

Sturdy: The Honeywell TRV also features a solid body, with a long-lasting finish.

Angle: This TRV supports a connection of ¾”, which is exclusive to the USA.


Valve Head: This model doesn’t include a valve head for temperature controls.


Plumb-Pak PF153AMZ Thermostatic Radiator Valve 15mm
  • Greater temperature control
  • Fully adjustable for your comfort
  • Easy to use

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The Plumb-Pak is the top TRV with an operator. It comes with improved temperature control and is also fully adjustable.

Moreover, it also offers a bi-directional valve that’s compatible with most radiators.


Warranty: This product comes with a handy 2-year warranty plan.

Controls: It also includes decent temperature controls ranging from 6°C to 28°C.

Lockshield: The Plumb-Pak TRV also comes with an optional lockshield to take advantage of.

Design: The installation itself is pretty simple due to the TRV’s adjustable design.

Operation: You can also expect quick operation speeds due to its liquid type of sensor.


Quality: The operation quality is not as good as the other models on this list.