Best Projector Screen Paint — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Projector Screen Paint

When it comes to our top pick of the best projector screen paint, we believe it’s the Paint on Screen S1 Ultimate Contrast. This model features 4K quality, as well as multiple variants which include, acrylic and latex.

While our top runner-up is the Digital Image Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint. This projector also works well with 4K projectors and is simple to apply using a roller.

Lastly, the top budget-friendly option is the Digital Image High Definition Home Theater Screen Paint. It’s easy to apply and can be used with 4K, 720p, and 1080p projections.

The Short Version

Paint On Screen 3D4K

Projector Screen Paint 3D4K Light Grey Silver with 2.4 Gain -HD 1080P,Active 3D Capable and 4K Ready-Quart
  • Paint on Screen makes your DIY projection project EASY, FUN & ECONOMICAL!
  • This is the choice for those that want their screen as a plain wall without compromising on High End performance.
  • 2.4 Gain w/HD 1080p, 4K Ready, Active 3D Capable
  • Size: ***QUART**** - Application: Roll or Spray on
  • This is a Light Grey Silver color enhancing formulation which provide stellar clarity, contrast and razor definition to any image.

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The Paint on Screen option can support both 4K, as well as 3D viewing experiences. In addition, it’s pretty simple to paint on and comes with a low VOC.


Basic: This paint can be painted using a basic primer, as well as a simple wall.

4K & 3D: It’s suitable for both 3D and 4K projections.

VOC: The VOC is pretty low.

Simple: It’s also quite easy to paint using rollers.

Light Grey: Lastly, it features a light grey finish which is a great choice for video projections.


Price: This option is a little expensive.

Digital Image Ultra HD

Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint (Gallon)
  • Up to 50% bright than a painted white wall
  • Anti-glare sheen for maximum brightness with no reflection or hot spot
  • Works great with 4K & HD Projectors
  • Acrylic latex paint water based paint for safe and quick application and clean up.
  • Can be rolled or sprayed on any smooth surface, covers 160 SQ FT screen with 2 coats. (apply latex primer prior to application if needed)

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The Digital Image Ultra HD offers an increased 50% brightness when painted than a regular wall, as well as compatibility with both HD and 4K projections. In addition, it’s easy to apply, even on drywall.


Wall: The projection screen paint can be used on drywall.

UHD & 4K: The paint can be used for both 4 as well as UHD projections.

Application: The acrylic latex paint is very easy to apply using a sprayer or roller.


Price: The projector paint is a little pricey.

Paint on Screen S1

Paint on Screen Projection/Projector Screen Paint - S1 Ultimate Contrast-Gallon G007
  • Level 7 Shade - 2.0 Gain w/ Neutral Color Shift
  • Designed for High End entertainment environments with High Ambient Light.
  • This is shade of paint provides the ULTIMATE level of contrast.
  • 1 Gallon - Makes up to a 240" Diagonal Image

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The top projector screen paint on our list is the Paint on Screen S1. It supports both HD & 4K video resolution, and using just a gallon you can cover over 240”. Additionally, it comes with ambient light reflecting properties for an even more improved viewing experience.


Wall: The paint is compatible with simple drywall.

Coverage: A single gallon can cover up to 240 inches of screen.

HD: Compatible with 4KD and HD viewing.

Variants: Multiple variants available, ranging from acrylic, latex..etc.

Light: Lastly, the projector paint comes with ambient light reflecting properties for enhanced quality.


Price: It’s pretty expensive.

Digital Image High Definition

Projector Screen Paint - High Definition, 4K, Ultra White - Quart
  • QUART covers 40 square feet (5 by 8 foot screen) includes two coats
  • Washable and repairable.
  • Non Toxic, Low VOC's
  • No Professional installation required. Easy to apply.
  • Supports 4K HD Resolution

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Our top budget-friendly paint is the Digital Image High Definition. This easy to use option allows you to cover up to 16’ screen size diagonally. In addition, the screen is also easy to wash and is also VOC-free.


Primer: No primer needed with this paint.

Application: The projector paint is very easy to apply using rollers, and even can cover a lot of space too.

Compatibility: The paint is suitable to be used with 1080p, 4K, and 720p projectors.

VOC: It’s also VOC-free.


3D: Not suitable for 3D.

Light: No ambient light properties.

1.5: Maximum gain is only 1.5.

Pro Screen HD

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The Pro Screen projector paint contains a titanium dioxide solution, making it compatible with almost any lighting condition. Moreover, it’s built for HD viewing, and can even be painted on drywall.


HD: It’s designed for HD viewing.

Simple: It’s also pretty easy to paint too.

Price: This model features a budget-friendly price tag.

Color: Its light grey finish will provide an excellent color quality when projecting.


4K: Not really suited for UHD & 4K projectors.

Smarter Surfaces

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The Smarter Surfaces projector paint offers a good color quality and is ideal for 1080p resolution projectors. Additionally, it also provides a smooth finish when used with a primer.


HD: It is compatible with full HD projections.

Price: The screen paint is also an inexpensive option.

Easy: Can be easily applied to the drywall.

Finish: Lastly, the end result is a smooth finish when used one a clean, and primed wall surface.


4K & 3D: Not compatible with 3D & 4K projectors.

Lighting: Doesn’t work with ambient lighting.