Best Pole For Home Use — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Pole For Home Use

When it comes to our top pick of the best pole for home use, we chose the X-POLE Starter Package. This premium grade pole is best for beginners and offers adjustable height as well.

While the top budget-friendly pick is the MegaBrand Portable  Pole. This model can be used both as a static or spinning pole and is also pretty easy to install too.

Lastly, the runner up today is the Lupit Pole Home Classic. It’s crafted from high-quality material, and uses a quadruple ball bearing system.

The Short Version

X-Dance Professional

X-Dance (TM) 45 mm Professional Exotic Fitness Removable Pole Dance Stripper with 2 Black Portable Carry Bags Chrome Dancing Spinning Pole
  • Dual Fuction Pole, Static or Spinning
  • Adjustable Height, 7 FT and up to 9FT
  • Dance Pole made with high quality grade of Electroplated Chrome!
  • Adjustable Height, Manual & DVD Included, Super Simple Assembly!
  • Screw Together Tube of High precision joints, almost seamless, for maximum strength!

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The C-dance Professional pole is made from high-quality steel and chrome plating.
Additionally, the pole is also very stable and works both as static or spinning. 


Setup: This model is pretty easy to assemble and remove too.

Price: It also comes with an affordable price tag.

Static & Spinning: The X-Dance Professional pole can be loosened for spinning mode, or tightened for static use.

Short Height: This pole is ideal for users with a shorter height.


Clearance: This model has the lowest clearance.

Durable: It’s also not as durable as other brands.

X-POLE Starter Package

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The X-Pole Started Package is the most ideal choice for beginners. It comes with everything you’ll need in order to set it up, and you can also adjust the pole height to suit you. Additionally, it’s crafted from premium grade material, and rather than using the screw thread, it works by using a telescoping mechanism at the joint.


Telescope Mechanism: This model uses a telescope mechanism which is better than the screw thread.

Adjustable: The pole is also easily adjustable, to suit your height preference.

Assembly: It’s also pretty easy to set up.

High-Quality: The X-POLE is made from high-quality material, and even has a chrome coating helping you get a decent anti-slip hold on the pole


Price: This model is quite expensive.

Amzdeal Pole

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The low height Amzdeal Pole is pretty simple to install, and can easily be switched from static, to spinning mode. Additionally, it’s ideal for users that have a shorter height, and it can also hold a higher weight capacity.


Weight: The Amzdeal Pole can hold a higher weight capacity.

Assembly: Additionally, the pole is also pretty easy to install as well.

Height: With a minimum height clearance of 4’’ and a maximum of 9’’, the Amzdeal Pole is ideal for kids or other users who are shorter in height.

Static & Spinning: You can seamlessly switch between static and spinning mode.


Clearance: This model has the lowest clearance.

Durable: Unfortunately it’s not as durable as other poles.

Lupit Pole Home Classic

LUPIT POLE | Standard Lock Classic Dance Pole | 45 mm Stainless Steel, G2 Dancing Pole, Multi-Piece Dance Pole, Spinning and Static Mode, Easy Installation, No Drilling, Length - 9'2.24''
  • Better Spin: Lupit Pole proudly created an improved home pole line that boasts of a better spin as a consequence of improved joint system and upgraded bearing systems. Lupit Pole’s dance pole for home has a spin / static mode that is perfect for home use. It is also easy to install and move around as it’s portable. Choose from the finishing that suits you: Stainless steel or Chrome and Powder coated. When it comes to your pole dancing needs, you’ll never go wrong with our expert craftsmanship.
  • Increased Stability for Maximum Safety: Creating a high quality safe pole requires a lot of engineering knowledge. Lupit pole uses the latest mechanical engineering technology to produce high quality poles for home. Our poles have increased stability with fewer extensions for the same height & increased max. height to 3300mm/ 9ft2.2in. Our pole dancing for home is not recommended to be installed against a plasterboard ceiling unless it is very strong and reinforced.
  • Easy to install: Our dance poles for home have been designed for quick installation without the need for drilling. In just a few minutes, it can be installed. It has a high quality surface, unique upper disc flex system and a new safety block nut that blocks the pole against loosening thereby ensuring your maximum safety. Our dance pole for home is really your perfect choice if you’re planning to do a lot of pole exercising at home. It has an excellent grip and has a very smooth texture.
  • Made in Europe: Our high quality dance poles have passed all EU standards of manufacturing, labor practice and environment-friendly production. Quality pole technology is our biggest bragging rights. All our products are manufactured in Europe and the technology of our poles are developed with the involvement of pole dancers and pole athletes who are able to provide constructive feedback on pole quality.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Not only do we focus on high quality products but also on outstanding customer service. Here at Lupit Pole, we always go the extra mile in ensuring customer satisfaction. Whatever your after sales needs are, you can always count on us to go the extra mile because we believe that customer satisfaction goes beyond transaction. Creating long term relationships with our customers are paramount to us. Just check out the excellent reviews we have been getting.

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The top home pole for professionals is the Lupit Pole Home Classic. It requires simple, no-drill installation and can be transported around with ease. In addition, it’s crafted out of high-quality material, and is able to take up high pressure, and heavier load.


Pressure: This model can handle a heavier load than most poles, and it can also take up a  higher pressure too.

Material: Additionally, the pole is available in both chrome-plated and steel version, with steel being the most recommended one.

Setup: The Lupit Pole Home Classic model is also pretty easy to assemble and disassemble too.

Quadruple Ball: Lastly, it also features a Quadruple ball system.


Price: This home pole is quite expensive when compared to other brands.

AW Removable Dancing Pole Kit

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The AW Removable Dancing Pole Kit is both an affordable, and durable model with its ability to handle a high load capacity. It also features a high grade electroplated chrome finish and includes an adjustable height system too.


Stable: When installed properly, this model is very stable.

Price: It’s under 100USD, making it an affordable choice.

Capacity: Additionally, it can handle a higher load capacity making it quite durable.

Static & Spinning: It can also function both as a static and spinning pole.


Assembly: A new user may have trouble assembling it.

MegaBrand Portable Pole

MegaBrand Portable Fitness Exercise Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole, 9.3-Feet
  • Portable removable pole. Does not Screw to the ceiling
  • MEGA BRAND 45mm (1.96") Pole as used by the professionals. Extendable from 7'4" - 9'3"ft
  • Please make sure your ceiling is from 7'4" - 9'3"ft
  • This is a 9.3Ft Pole.. not the regular 9FT All Metal constructed.

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Our top budget-friendly option is the MegaBrand Portable Pole. This model is both portable and easy to install as it requires no drilling. It’s able to hold the highest weight capacity compared to other home poles on this list and can even be used both as a static and spinning pole.


Price: This model is quite affordable.

Static & Spinning: It can be used both as a static & spinning pole.

Setup: The MegaBrand Pole is also simple to assemble and remove after too.

Weight: Compared to all the other models, it can hold the highest weight capacity.


Smoothness: With long term use, the smoothness of the pole may fade.