Best NVR System — The Only List You’ll Need

Best NVR System

When it comes to the best NVR system, our top pick is the Smonet 4CH Wireless Security.

As it comes with an easy installation process, a huge 1TB amount of storage and high quality 1080p Full HD NVR Wireless Security CCTV Surveillance System.

The Short Version

Reolink PoE NVR

REOLINK 4K 16 Channel Network Video Recorder for Security Camera System, Only Work with 4K/5MP/4MP HD Reolink IP Cameras PoE NVR, 24/7 Recording to Pre-Installed 4TB Hard Drive, RLN16-410-4TB
  • ONLY WORK WITH REOLINK IP CAMERAS: Work perfectly with all Reolink PoE 4K/5MP/4MP cameras and Reolink WiFi cameras with DC power (battery-powered cam not included), such as RLC-510A, 520A, 811A,810A, 820A, 823A, 842A, Duo 2 PoE, Doorbell PoE, E1 Outdoor cameras. Manage up to 16 Reolink cameras simultaneously easily.
  • PoE, EASY SETUP WITH PLUG & PLAY: PoE with only one Ethernet cable (up to 330ft) for Reolink PoE Cameras to transmit both power and data. You can live view and access the cameras with or without the internet as Reolink PoE NVR can make an independently running system itself with the DHCP function.
  • FULL INTEGRATION WITH SMART REOLINK CAMS: The Reolink PoE NVRs can integrate human/vehicle detection & playback from Reolink IP cams to build an intelligent system. By adding more Reolink cameras with optical zoom, auto-tracking, two-way talk, motion-triggered spotlights features, you can even build a cutting-edge home security system on your own.
  • FREE VERSATILE APPS AND REMOTE VIEW: Explore rich features and functions in free Reolink App/Client and download it from iOS or Android, Windows or Mac without monthly fees. Intuitive and easy-navigated software ensures local/remote access to your property. Enjoy peace of mind anytime, anywhere.
  • SOUND RECORDING AND 24x7 NVR RECORDING: The Reolink IP Cameras can record videos with sound 24x7, then transmit HD recordings to Reolink PoE network video recorders. This NVR supports up to 16 cameras recording simultaneously to the built-in 4TB HDD. For more space, an extra 6TB HDD can be added.

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The Reolink PoE NVR surveillance system offers smart detection technology with a 4MP HD 100FT night vision capabilities, as well as a Wide Viewing angle with a 4MP 1440p Super HD camera.
It’s also powered by PoE for more reliability and improved connection speed.


PoE: The PoE system offers improved connection speeds and an easier installation process.

Motion Detection: This model also includes motion detection alerts that will alert you straight away.

Notification: This system will also notify you via smartphone or e-mails allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are.

Camera: Additionally this surveillance system can support Reolink 4MP & 5MP IP cameras, while also coming with the ability to quickly recognize any Reolink 4MP/5MP WiFi cameras.


Two-Way Talk: Unfortunately this model doesn’t support the two-way audio feature.

Noisy Fan: Additionally, the internal fan is also quite loud.

Smonet 4CH Wireless Security

Smonet 4CH 720P HD NVR Wireless Security CCTV Surveillance Systems(WIFI NVR Kits)-Four 1.0MP Wireless WIFI Indoor Outdoor IP Cameras,P2P,65FT Night Vision, 1TB HDD Pre-installed
  • 【Easy setup】4 Channel HD Wireless Security Camera System for Villa, Home, Office, Shop, Warehouse or elsewhere(Indoor/ Outdoor). 1TB Hard Drive Pre-installed. Please Note that this is not Battery Powered Cameras. Wireless Camera System Doesn't Mean You can Use it without Any Cables. Power Supply still Needed to Power on the Cameras and NVR (Smonet doesn't Take Charge of Installation). Powered by Stable Power from nearby Outlets, 24x7 hours Live Surveillance.
  • Wireless Video Security System is Easy to Setup and DIY Installation without any Video Cables. True Plug and Play. Connect the NVR and Cameras with Power Supply Provided. Connect the Mouse to NVR. Connect PC/TV monitor to NVR with a VGA/HDMI Cable. Connect the Router LAN Port to NVR WAN Port with Network Cable Provided. The Video will Show Up. The System builds a more Powerful Wireless Signal Coverage and Make the Connection Quick and Easy. Working without Disturbing your Regular Internet Speed.
  • Wireless Surveillance Camera System Allows you to View the Live Video Remotely Anytime and Anywhere by Phone and Pad(Available for Android & IOS system, not Windows Users). Download Free APP “IP PRO” or “Eseecloud” from Android Google Play or Apple APP Store. Register an New Account, then Add Device ID. You can View the Video by WiFi or 2G/3G/4G Network. PC/Laptop View: Windows System: CMS Software. MAC system: MAC CMS Software.(Please Send E-mail to Smonet for Software)
  • Wireless IP Camera System Supports Sync-playback, Video Backup and Video detection. You can Receive Email Alerts upon Motion Detection or App Alert When Set it Up (Noted: Please Set it Up Properly to Avoid Email Blast). Simply Record and Playback On Your Mobile Devices. Seamlessly Stream Video Directly to your Smartphone, Tablet and PC. Keep an Eye on Your Belongings Anywhere and Anytime.

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The best system for your home is the Smonet 4CH Wireless Security.

It includes a 4 channel HD wireless security camera system for your warehouse, home or office, amongst others.

It also features an IP rating of 66 and comes with a compact and subtle design.


Storage: The Smonet 4CH system features massive storage of 1TB to take advantage of.

Surveillance video: Additionally, it also features a 365/24 hours live surveillance video feed to monitor the property with.

Appearance: The model also offers a subtle and compact design allowing it to go potentially unnoticed.

IP66: The system features an IP66 rating allowing it to resist most weather conditions.

Smartphone: Lastly, the system can be accessed through your smartphone for extra convenience.


Setup: Unfortunately there is no assembly provided by the company.

Installation: Additionally, the setup process itself is quite complicated.

GW Security

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The GW Security system is an 8-channel supported video recorder that saves the footage in an H.265 format, with the ability to store 4K 8MP/5MP/4MP/3MP quality videos at 30FPS rate realtime playback and live view.


Setup: Fortunately this system is pretty easy to install and setup.

USB: Additionally, it comes with a USB mouse allowing you to control the device remotely.

Remote Access: You can enjoy remote access when using Mac or Windows browsers.

8-channel NVR system: The best function this system offers, is its support for an 8-channel NVR system.

2-Year Warranty: Lastly, this model also comes with a 2-year warranty and free tech support.


Audio: It’s a little tricky to add audio to the NVR system.

Manual Log-in: Additionally, it’s also quite difficult to manually log-in to the camera’s IP address.

Amcrest NV4108E-HS

Amcrest NV4108E-A2 4K 8CH POE NVR (1080p/3MP/4MP/5MP/8MP) POE Network Video Recorder - Supports up to 8 x 8MP/4K IP Cameras, 8-Channel Power Over Ethernet Supports up to 10TB HDD (Not Included)
  • Amcrest’s NV4108E-A2 8CH POE NVR supports hard drives up to 10TB while Featuring 8CH Recording & Live View in Up to 8MP/4K Resolution @ Real-Time 30fps. Playback 8-Channel @1080p(30fps)/4-Channel @4MP(30fps)/2-Channel @4K(30fps). Supports all Amcrest WiFi and Wired IP cameras and limited compatibility with third-party brand compliant IP cameras.
  • Advanced H.265 compression technology lets you save on storage space which allows for longer recording times. H.265 technology compresses your video without sacrificing any of the UltraHD video quality. Intelligent search, playback, and backup functions provide enhanced ease of use and security (for example, motion detection events and exact search functions that are accurate to one second).
  • Supports AI Features from AI IP Cameras, AI features available depend on the camera model being used. Only Supports 2CH AI Cameras at 4K@30fps. No built-in AI Features on NVR. Connects to and manages all the POE IP cameras on your network directly through their ethernet cables for ultimate ease and convenience in a home security system.
  • Max 80Mbps Incoming Bandwidth, records 8 cameras @ 4K using H.264. Records 8 cameras @ 4K by changing default settings from H.264 to H.265 and adjusting bit rate to 1792 on each camera for maximum optimization. Conveniently packaged with extras such as USB mouse, network cable, and quick start guide.
  • Includes USB backup feature for peace of mind. All systems CE & FCC certified with UL compliant power supplies. Guaranteed for a Full Year from purchase with US Support and US Warranty offered exclusively by Amcrest.

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This 4K NVR system can support hard drives of up to 6 Terabytes while including handy technology such as playback, 8CH Recording and more.

Additionally, it’s pretty easy to access and configure as well.


ONVIF: The Armcrest NV4 system offers ONVIF compatibility.

4K: With this security system you can also expect an enhanced 4K video quality.

Alarm: The alarm features events such as PTZ, recording, video-push, and more.

H.265 Compression: The advanced H.265 compression feature will ensure your videos are compressed without losing any of the Ultra HD video quality.

Setup: The system itself remains fairly easy to set up and configure.


IP: The system doesn’t include an official IP rating.

Bulky: Additionally, the whole setup is also pretty bulky.


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This NVR system comes with a monitor and an all-in-one kit.

Additionally, it includes an 8 channel wireless camera system with huge storage of 1TB, as well as 4Pcs of 2.0MP IP cameras with a free app available.


Auto-Pair: The Anran(All-in-One) system features a handy auto-pair technology to take advantage of.

12 inch LCD Monitor: The best addition, however, has to be its 12 inch LCD monitor display.

Motion Detection: The motion detection paired with the alerts feature will let you know whenever there’s any suspicious movement captured.

Storage: This model also offers an impressive 1TB storage as well.

IP66: You also won’t have to worry about the weather conditions since this system sports an IP66 rating.


Price: This NVR system is unfortunately quite expensive.

Resolution: Additionally, it only features a 1080p video resolution.

Lorex NR8182

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The PoE Lorex NR8182 system comes with cloud security.

It also includes an app for playback, live-viewing, snapshots & even video recording.

On top of that, it’s also compatible with real-time recording up to 8MP on all channels with a 1080p resolution.


Setup: Luckily this system comes with a pretty simple installation process.

Real-time Recording: Additionally you can also take advantage of real-time recording at 8MP on every channel.

Storage & Network Efficiency: The Lorex system also sports improved storage and network efficiency, between the cameras and the NVR system.

4K Video Output: You can enjoy a high-quality 4K resolution output from the system.

H.264/265 Compression: Its H.264/265 compression technology is very efficient at reducing the file size and improving the storage capacity.


Pricey: Unfortunately this model is quite expensive.

Fewer Features: This system doesn’t come with as many extra features as other models do.

ZOSI 1080p

ZOSI 1080p H.265+ Home Security PoE Camera System Outdoor Indoor,8CH 5MP PoE NVR with Hard Drive 1TB and 4 x 1080p Surveillance Bullet IP Cameras with 120ft Night Vision, Mobile Access, Motion Alerts
  • (1). [ Advanced H.265+ High Efficiency Video Compression ] __ ZOSI self-developed H.265+ video coding technology extract features that focus on characteristics of the surveillance scenes for larger storage space and better image quality. H.265+ can further improve compression ratio on the basis of H.265 standard and save about 80% storage compared with H.264, and thus effectively saving storage resources and provides an excellent and smooth viewing experience.
  • (2). [ PoE System Overview ] __ Exclusive 5MP H.265+ 8CH PoE NVR ( Allows you add 4 more 2MP or 5MP ZOSI PoE Cams) paired with 4 Weatherproof 1080p bullet ip cameras with 120ft night vision and 110° view angle. A single network cabling provides both video and power to your cameras,more stable and reliable than wireless security system. (1TB Security Grade Hard Drive Included)
  • (3). [ Local or Remote Access, Playback Anytime & Anywhere ] __ View and control your security system locally by connecting the system to a monitor without internet, or via free ZOSI Client software on tablet, PC, or via Smartphone APP (ZOSI Smart ) on mobile devices remotely.You can also playback significant evidence or funny videos records by searching different days, hours or minutes.
  • (4). [ Advance Motion Detection & Alert Push ] __ You can customize motion detection area in each camera to minimize false alerts from moving branches or animals,and block out selected areas to grant privacy in situations, people can not view of certain areas or activities. Instant notifications and email alerts with screenshot will be pushed to your phone directly as long as the cameras detect moving objects.
  • (5). [ Customize Each Camera with Different Record Modes ] __Our ZOSI NVR offers 4 kinds recording modes to meet your needs: Record footage continuously; Record during scheduled times; Only record when detect motion; Recycle record. You can customize each camera with different recording modes, and download the recording files for the USB backup.

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The most budget-friendly model on this list is the ZOSI 1080p system.

It features an extendable NVR by allowing you to add up to 4 PoE cameras.

Additionally, you can take advantage of both local and remote access, as well as motion detection and alert features.


2 Year Assurance: This NVR system includes a 2-year assurance and tech-free support to take advantage of.

Motion Detection: You also have the ability to customize the motion detection settings to suit you and your preferences.

Alert Feature: Paired up with motion detection, you also have the alerts function letting you know of any suspicious activity.

Installation: You won’t have to worry about setting up your system as it’s fairly straightforward.

Storage: Lastly, this NVR system also includes a huge 1TB storage to take advantage of.


Too Many Features: The Zosi NVR system comes with too many features that may confuse some users.

IP Rating: Additionally, this system doesn’t include an official IP rating so you can be too sure about its level of weather-resistance.