Best Ladder Stabilizer — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Ladder Stabilizer

When it comes to the best ladder stabilizer, our top pick is the Werner AC78 Quickclick Stabilizer.

For the reason that it doesn’t require any extra tools to connect, is fairly durable and can even be used with extension ladders as well.

The Short Version


RoofZone Ladder Stabilizer - Model Number 48589
  • Standoff Distance: 19" Standoff Width: 30"
  • The best built and strongest Standoff / Stabilizer on the market for Contractors & Homeowners.
  • Easy to install, put on or take off in seconds!
  • Perfect for roofers, painters, general contractors, and homeowners!
  • Rubber grips under Rung Brackets for superior grip on ladder, wont slide!

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The RoofZone ladder stabilizer features a sturdy construction and superior build.

Additionally, you will have a necessary grip with durable rubber ends, and this model also includes handy ladder extensions as well.


Multiple Purpose: This ladder stabilizer will come in handy for many situations, such as when cleaning out the gutters, walls or the roof.

Sturdy: The RoofZone ladder stabilizer also features a sturdy and reliable construction for extra security.

Ladder Extension: Lastly, this model also features a ladder extension to provide the necessary distance between the working place and your ladder.


Installation: Unfortunately this stabilizer is pretty difficult to install.

Weight: Additionally, this model is quite heavy as well.

Werner AC78

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Our best ladder stabilizer on the list is the Werner AC78 model.

This stabilizer doesn’t require any tools in order to connect, and it also features a durable and lightweight design.

Additionally, it takes less than 20 minutes to set up and you can use this ladder stabilizer on ladders up to 40 ft.


Durable & Lightweight: The stabilizer itself is made out of sturdy steel and aluminum material making it reliable and durable.

No Tools: This stabilizer by Werner is completely tool-free.

Extension Ladders: This ladder stabilizer can also be used as an extension accessory as well.

Setup: Lastly, the Werner ladder stabilizer also features an easy and quick installation process that shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes.


Compatibility: Unfortunately there are some specific models that this stabilizer cannot be used with.

Werner AC96

Werner AC96 Aluminum Standoff Stabilizer
  • For Use On All Aluminum Extension Ladders Of All Duty Ratings With Rails Up To 3-5/16" X 1-3/16"

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Our most portable ladder stabilizer on this list is the Werner AC96.

It comes with a span of 47’’, and a standoff of 10 inches. It can easily be used on all aluminum ladders with required duty ratings, and it also features a super stable design.


Lightweight: This model features a lightweight design weighing only at 4.5 lbs.

Installation: Luckily the Werner ladder stabilizer is quite easy to set up, as the two U-bolts can easily connect with the ladder rungs.

Durable Design: Additionally, this ladder stabilizer also comes with sturdy material.

Versatile: This model also works well in all types of places, such as rooftops, windows, and when cleaning the gutters as well.

Rubber End Caps: Lastly, this stabilizer also comes with mar-resistant rubber end caps in order to provide a safe placement and protect working places as well.


Walls: This model may not work very well with walls.

Sturdy: Additionally, the bolts are not very sturdy.

Installation: Lastly, this model may also be difficult to uninstall.


Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

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The best stabilizer for the roof has to be the Ladder-Max.

This ladder stabilizer provides a standoff of 19 inches from gutters, roofing, and the walls.
Additionally, it also provides a sturdy base using its rubber arms and feet for extra stability

On top of that, this model is also made in the US and features a rust-resistant steel design for longevity.


Compatibility: The Ladder-Max stabilizer works well with most wood and aluminum special, as well as extension ladders which include, Little Giant, Gorilla, Howard, Green Bull, and Werner.

Standoff: It also features a decent 19’’ standoff from gutters, roofing, and walls too.

Sturdy: Ladder-Max stabilizer is created from a strong and durable material making it very sturdy and reliable.

Rust-Resistant: Lastly, this model is made from rust-resistant, sturdy steel that will ensure longevity.


Setup: Unfortunately this ladder stabilizer is pretty difficult to install.

Rungs: Additionally, the top rungs may slip down occasionally, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

Qualcraft 2470

Qualcraft 2470 Corner Buddy Aluminum Ladder Stabilizer
  • For use on a corners, flat, round, or multi-dimensional construction surfaces
  • Transport the ladder from job to job without having to remove from ladder.
  • Gives easier access to gutters, downspouts and soffits.
  • Yellow safety coating and rubber bumpers
  • Add stability to your ladder and creates a safe working environment

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The Qualcraft 2470 model is the best ladder stabilizer for uneven surfaces.

This stabilizer sports a unique 360° shape which will allow it to be used on various construction surfaces and corners.

Additionally, with this model, you’ll also have easier access to soffits, gutters, and downspouts too.


Opening: The Qualcraft model features a wide opening measuring at 29’’ allowing it to be used in most places.

Circular Design: Additionally, its circular design also gives it more flexibility to be used in all types of difficult locations.

Compatibility: This ladder stabilizer fits almost all types of ladders and placements.

Tools: With this stabilizer, there are no requirements for any extra tools.

Installation: Lastly, the installation itself is pretty simple and shouldn’t take you too long.


Paint: This model features a cheap paint finish that isn’t too attractive.

Centerline: Additionally, this stabilizer doesn’t come with a centerline for easier placement.

Clamps: Lastly, the clamps aren’t too durable & sturdy either.


Multi-Pro for corners and more, ladder stand-off/ stabilizer
  • Ladder-Stand-off/ Stabilizer for Corners and More. Made in the USA.
  • Customize your ladder stand-off to meet all your needs. Attachments sold seperately.
  • The Multi-Pro is shipped with the base unit & corner attachments.
  • Fits all extension and articulated ladders.
  • ANSI certified for safety. On and Off your ladder in seconds.

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Our most budget-friendly ladder stabilizer today is the Multi-Pro.

This ladder stabilizer includes the corner attachments and base unit in the package for your convenience.

Additionally, it’s pretty easy to set up and is also ANSI certified.


Durable: The Multi-Pro ladder stabilizer features a strong and durable material.

Corner Extensions: Additionally, this model also includes a base unit & corner attachments with it.

Multi-Tray: With your new ladder stabilizer also comes a multi-tray feature for greater safety and convenience.

ANSI Certified: To ensure proper safety, this model is also ANSI certified.

Setup: Lastly, this product is also pretty easy to assemble too, but the edges can be sharp so you should be careful.


Heavy: This model is quite heavy.

Attachments: Some attachments need to be bought separately.

Edges: The stabilizers edges can be sharp, so care is required.

Louisville LP-2200-00

Louisville Ladder LP-2200-00 Stabilizer, Silver
  • SUPERIOR BUILD This Louisville stabilizer is made of superior quality with an elegant design and smooth finish In addition the stabilizer attach has 2 U-bolts which feature replaceable extra heavy duty rubber tips
  • FITS ALL Clears most windows

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The Louisville LP-2200-00 model is also great for uneven grounds.

On top of that, it also features a superior build with quality design and is ideal for the windows and major extension ladders.


Lightweight: This model only weighs around 4.4 pounds, making it quite portable.

Assembly: Additionally, this stabilizer is pretty easy to install and shouldn’t take you too long.

Sturdy: It’s constructed from a heavy steel-type of material, making it very sturdy and reliable.

Compatible: The Louisville stabilizer fits on most windows and major extension ladders for your convenience.

Stability: Lastly, this model offers improved stability with its replaceable rubber tips addition.


U-Clamps: The U-clamps included are quite thin when compared to the stabilizer’s sturdy construction.

Off System: Lastly, when it comes to the uninstallation, this model is pretty hard to release.