Best Ladder Leveler — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Ladder Leveler

When it comes to our top pick of the best ladder leveler, we feel that ProVisionTools Extension Ladder is the best one. It can support up to 500 pounds and provides a universal fit for any ladder type.

Our top budget-friendly choice is the LeveLok Ladder Mount Leveler. This leveler can be safely used on uneven ground and comes with a triple plated pivoting foot.

Lastly, the runner up today is the Quick Connect Leveler Kit. This model works best on a slippery floor and meets both ANSI and OSHA requirements

The Short Version

The Levelizer Ladder Level

The Levelizer: The Fast, Safe, & Easy Ladder Level
  • Levels any ladder in a matter of seconds
  • Light weight & portable
  • Allows safer ladder use where the ground isn't level
  • ladder leveler that works on both extension and step ladders
  • Easy to use ladder leveler

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This model is ideal to use on uneven ground, and it can level any ladder in seconds. Additionally, the leveler also includes a strong grip option, and it’s compatible with both step and extension ladders.


Simple: The ladder leveler is simple to use.

Lightweight: It weighs only 3.2 pounds, making it highly portable.

Compatible: Lastly, the Levelizer Ladder Level is compatible with both extension and step ladders.


Extension: There isn’t a lot of extension available.

Werner PK80-2 Master Pk80

Werner PK80-2 Master Pk80 Automatic Ladder Leveler with Safety Shoes, Aluminum, 1 Pc, Silver
  • Package Dimensions: 7.37 H x 85.6 L x 11.18 W (centimetres)
  • Easily levels and locks securely in place
  • Package Weight: 4173.12 grams
  • Country of Origin : United States

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The top ladder leveler for the uneven ground is the Werner PK80-2 Master Pk80. This model can easily lock and level securely in place, and even includes a triple-plated pivoting floor that will automatically adjust to any material type or ladder.


Weight: This model only weighs 9 pounds.

Mounts: The Werner PK80-2 Master Pk80 adjusts up to 8-1/2-inches.

Material: Additionally, the leveler is constructed out of sturdy material.


Maintenance: The leveler needs to be properly maintained.

Quick Connect Leveler Kit

Levelok LL-STB-2QC Ladder Accessories, Chrome
  • Quick Connect Ladder Leveler Kit, contains 1 leveler and 2 base units.
  • Work Safely On Uneven Ground, extends a full 10 inches.
  • This is the best leveler on the market today .Fits Aluminum, Fiberglass & Wood Ladders
  • Base units mount to the ladders rails and the leveler can be moved from side to side.
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA requirements up to and including Type 1AA 375#

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The Quick Connect leveler is perfect to use on slippery floors. Additionally, it also functions safely on uneven ground, and it fits both wood and fiberglass ladders.


ANSI and OSHA: For extra reliability, the leveler fits both ANSI and OSHA requirements.

Uneven: This model works safely on uneven ground.

Ladders: Lastly, the model fits both fiberglass and wood ladder types.


Price: This model is quite expensive.

ProVisionTools Extension Ladder

ProVisionTools™, Inc. Original PiViT® LadderTool, Ladder Leveler, Ladder Stabilizer, Made in The USA
  • The Original PiViT LadderTool by ProVisionTools, Inc. is a lightweight, easy-to-use ladder leveler that sets up in seconds and has no moving parts. Use it as a ladder platform for stairs, sloped earth, asphalt shingle roofs* up to 7/12 pitch** – just about any uneven surface.

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The top ladder leveler to use on a wet floor is the ProVisionTools Extension Ladder. This model comes with a universal fit body and stays on firmly as well. Additionally, it also offers a strong base and durable construction.


Universal: The ladder leveler offers a universal fit.

Support: This model can support up to an impressive 500lbs.

Portable: Lastly, the level is also highly portable.


Expensive: This model is pricey when compared to others.

LeveLok Ladder Mount Leveler

LeveLok Ladder Permanet Mount Style Leveler (LL-STB-1AL)
  • Installs on most aluminum and fiberglass, extension, combination and articulating ladders, rated up to 375 pounds.
  • Locking system: Stainless steel, double-row ratcheting...adjusts up to 10” in 3/16" increments.
  • Fully automatic, "back-up" safety lock...keeps leveler "locked" until weight is removed from leg.
  • Heavy-Duty, double-claw, swivel shoes with auto-engaging safety-lock to keep claw in place. Special features...16d nail holes.
  • Each kit includes 2 ladder levelers, hardware and instructions.

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This leveler works very well on uneven ground conditions and is best suited for harbor freight. In addition to that, the model also includes a 12.05 pounds base, keeping it firm and sturdy.


Foot: The model features a triple pivoting foot addition.

Uneven: The leveler is reliable on uneven ground.

OSHA: Lastly, the ladder level exceeds OSHA expectations.


Wooden: This model doesn’t suit wooden ladders.


Xtenda-Leg® Ladder Leveler with Rubber Feet Orange Meets OSHA Safety Standards ANSI 14.8
  • OSHA Approved, safely use ladders on stairs or uneven surfaces; Fast adjustment leveling a ladder
  • Used for Building Materials & Ladders, ladder-accessories accessories
  • The item is manufactured in United States

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This ladder leveler is ideally suited for vitrified tiles. Moreover, it comes with a sturdy, reliable base, and it even features a quick installation process.


Affordable: This model features a budget-friendly price tag.

Portable: The ladder leveler is highly portable.

Fit: Lastly, LADDER ACCESSORIES 600C offers a universal fit for most ladder types.


Slippery: Not suited for slippery tiles.

POPMOON Ladder 600C

POPMOON Ladder Accessories 600C Ladder Leveler One Pair,Available for Home Ladder Extender Leg, Leveling Leg.
  • LADDER ACCESSORIES 600C Ladder Leveler Pair adjustable leveling feet .
  • Ladder Leveler Kit ,Building Materials & Ladders, Ladder Extension Accessories,Extender Feet.
  • Ladder Leveling Tool ,The Bottom is Made Of Silicone Pad, Non-slip, Wear-resistant and Durable.Ladder Scaffold Brackets,Screw structure is Safer, more Stable and Reliable
  • Extension Ladder Leg Leveler For Use Not only on firm surfaces,but also use on slippery surfaces.
  • During the adjustment process, it is not automatically adjusted. It needs to be manually screwed and adjusted to a fixed position before it can be used. (Require customers to read the use requirements carefully, and purchase.)

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This ladder leveler is ideally suited for construction floors. This model is built with a non-slip base, and can even be used on slippery surfaces as well. Additionally, the height can also be adjusted easily, and it comes with an easy 2 step installation process as well.


Brackets: The ladder lever includes ladder scaffold brackets.

Silicone: For extra stability, the base is made with silicone pads.

Durable: Lastly, due to its water-resistance and sturdy construction, this model is built to last.


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