Best Interactive Whiteboard — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Interactive Whiteboard

When it comes to our top pick of the best interactive whiteboard, Ipevo IW2 Wireless is the better choice. For the reason that it’s highly portable, and it doesn’t need a screen since it uses a projector and camera.

While the runner up is No products found. and it can connect with all smart devices, including iOS and Android.

Lastly, the budget-friendly choice is the No products found.. This model is also pretty portable, and even allows you to save notes on the cloud.

The Short Version

Promethean ActivBoard

No products found.

The Promethean whiteboard features an impressive 78’’ display and is certified by CE, UL, and FCC. It features an internal resolution of 2730 points per inch, as well as an outer resolution of 200 points (lines) per inch. In addition to that, It also has built-in Microsoft office support.


Display: The interactive whiteboard comes with a pretty good display system.

Microsoft Office: For added convenience, it also comes with in-built Microsoft Office software too.

Support: It also offers support for apps like Gmail and Google Chrome.

Simple: Lastly, it’s pretty easy to use.


Internet: It needs a working internet connection.

Portable: This model isn’t very portable.

eBeam Digital Markers

No products found.

Our top budget-friendly interactive whiteboard is the EBeam Smartmarker. This model allows you to share your notes digitally, as well as ensuring compatibility with Google Play Store, Apple Play Store, Windows 7, and more. Additionally, it also comes with a handy app called, Ebeam Marker.


Cloud: Using this marker, you can also efficiently save the files on the cloud.

Simple: Also, the interactive whiteboard is pretty easy to use.

Portable: Lastly, due to its compact size, this model is also highly portable.


Colors: The only con is that this model only uses 4 colors.


  • Item Package Dimension: 16.06L x 6.65W x 3.18H inches
  • Item Package Weight - 2.08 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - BATTERY

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The top interactive whiteboard on our list is the Mimioteach. It comes with a wireless receiver as well as an interactive pen, and a USB charging cable. Additionally, it’s also compatible with MAC, Windows, and Linux operating system, and it can also be easily recharged when placed on the Mimioteach bar


Setup: The model can be easily set up via a PC or laptop.

Portable: Due to its handy size, it’s also pretty portable too.

Operating System: Mimioteach offers compatibility with most operating systems, including Linux, and Mac.

Software: Lastly, it’s own Mimio studio software comes with plenty of award-winning features to take advantage of.


Smartphone: It doesn’t offer any compatibility with smartphones.

Ipevo IW2 Wireless

IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System. Teach from Home, Play at Home, Short Pen, Model Number: 5-876-1-01-00
  • Interactive Whiteboard- Turns any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard. No Wi-Fi required. Use the included Interactive Pen to annotate and control mouse cursor remotely.
  • Remote Teaching- Set up a physical whiteboard at home. Take advantage of the free IPEVO Annotator software to draw & annotate teaching material.
  • Stay at Home Activities- Show storybooks, do arts, play games or put together a puzzle. Use the Interactive Pen to point and draw. Great for family bonding.
  • Online Conferencing- Draft and sketch out ideas. Stream them through a video conferecning software to collaborate with your team across distance.
  • Lightweight, portable, and hundreds less than conventional interactive whiteboards.

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The top interactive whiteboard that doesn’t include a monitor is the Ipevo IW2 Wireless. This interactive model lets you use any flat surface as a smartboard. It also requires no Wi-Fi connection since it uses infrared technology, and is also compatible with IPEVO Annotator software, amongst others.


Google AutoDraw: This model is compatible with various handy software, including Google AutoDraw.

Screen: It also doesn’t need a screen, since it can use its projector as a camera.

Compatibility: Ipevo IW2 Wireless works very well with the computer.

Portale: Lastly, this model is also quite portable too.


Interface: Before you use it, you might need to learn the user interface of the hardware and software.

Projector: The projector needs to be bought seperately.

GoTouch Basic 3.0

No products found.

The GoTouch Basic includes a pen as well as a touch sensor cam with it and gives you the ability to turn a TV, projector screen, or a monitor into an interactive whiteboard. In addition, the setup is pretty easy, and the GoTouch app seamlessly works with android, iOS, and Windows.


Setup: This model is pretty easy to install.

Flexible: The interactive whiteboard can use any projector, TV or monitor.

Bluetooth: Additionally, it uses Bluetooth connectivity too.

Sensitive: It’s touch sensor and pen are highly sensitive.

Devices: It can easily connect with iOS and Android devices.


Display: The display quality depends on the monitor.

EBeam Smartmarker

No products found.

The EBeam Smartmarker offers great compatibility with plenty of systems such as Mac app store, Apple play Store, Google Play store, Windows 7 and higher, plus many more. Additionally, the package includes a  USB dongle, AA battery, digital eraser, multi-charging cradle, Bluetooth adaptor, and an instruction manual.


Hardware: It’s compatible with any installation hardware.

Whiteboard: Additionally, it can also easily work with any marker or whiteboard.

Windows & Mac:  Integrates with both Mac and Windows systems.

Notes: Lastly, EBeam Smartmarker is also pretty handy for saving notes too.


Battery: The battery capacity is quite low.

Astar AWB-6507

Astar AWB-6507 65" Multi Touch Display Electronic White Board Interactive Smart Writing Board w/Wi-Fi, 3G Internet 5000:1 Built-in Speaker1920 x 1080 Optical
  • Aster awb-6507 65" multi touch display w/ Wi-Fi, 3G internet 5000:1 built-in speaker1920 x 1080 optical
  • Electronic whiteboard
  • Interactive smart writing board
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • 65" LCD led touchscreen digital signage display

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The top interactive display is the Astar AWB-6507. This model comes with an impressive 65” multi-touch display screen and even features built-in speakers. Additionally, the whiteboard also is proven to be waterproof and is also compatible with Windows 7 multi-touch.


Screen: The model’s screen is dustproof, waterproof, and even oilproof!

Laptop: This electronic whiteboard doesn’t require a pc or laptop.

Interface: The interface itself is also simple to use.

Touch: Lastly, the touch sensitivity is very good and responds well.


Price: This model is quite expensive.

Portable: It’s also not very portable either.