Best Home Safe — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Home Safe

Our top pick today will have to be the First Alert 2087F.

This model features a fireproof design, while also supporting ample space availability and adjustable shelves.

While our budget-friendly choice is the Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Mini. This Home Safe sports a pleasant military look and can be accessed by multiple users using the fingerprint method.

Lastly, our runner up is the SentrySafe SFW123GDC. This handy Home Safe comes with an electronic lock for improved safety, as well as a well-lit interior and exterior keypad.

The Short Version

Honeywell 5207 Safe

Honeywell Safes & Door Locks 5207 Security Safe with Digital Dial Lock, 2.7 cu. ft, Black
  • STEEL SECURITY SAFES - Large Steel Security Safe with Digital Dial Lock, 2.73 Cu Ft
  • FEATURES - digital dial lock technology, that pairs a programmable 5 number (2-digit) digital combination
  • QUALITY MADE – 2 live locking door bolts, two removable shelves for storage convenience, concealed hinges and recessed door to prevent thieves from prying
  • SECURE - dual lock comes with 2 companion entry keys and 2 override access keys
  • PROTECTED - durable, scratch resistant powder coat finish

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The Honeywell 5207 Safe includes the most storage capacity from all the other models on this list.

It also comes with a handy LED display to view the combinations, as well as offering a fireproof and waterproof design.


Water-Proof & Fire-Proof: This home safe features water and fireproof design, ensuring that your valuables are safe in most situations.

LED Display: Additionally, this model comes with a simple LED display allowing you to clearly see the code, even in the dark conditions.

Combination Key: In order to access the safe, you’ll need the combination as well as a key for extra security.

Space: Lastly, this safe features a huge amount of space of 2.7 cubic ft., allowing you to protect even more valuables.


No Light: The only con to this safe is that it doesn’t come with a light inside.

First Alert 2087F

First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe, 0.94 Cubic Feet
  • Ready-Seal safe protects valuables from fire, water, and theft even when bolted down
  • 0.94-cubic foot capacity offers plenty of storage space for files, electronics, and more
  • Fire-resistant design withstands temperatures of up to 1700 degrees F for up to 1 hour
  • Waterproof seal keeps contents dry even when safe is submerged
  • Pry-proof concealed hinges deter thieves and resist crowbar entry

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If you want the best fireproof safe, then First Alert 2087F is a good option to go for.

Additionally, it comes with ready-seal technology protecting your valuables from certain situations like fire, theft, and flooding.


Adjustable: This model also features adjustable shelves so you can create the space that suits your possessions.

Strong: The First Alert safe is also built to be both strong and durable so you won’t have to worry about someone trying to break in.

Fixed to the Floor: Additionally, this home safe can also be fixed to the floor for extra stability and durability.

Space: With a capacity of t0.94-cubic ft., you can rest assured that you’ll have ample space for most of your valuables.

Fire & Water-Proof: Lastly, this model has been created to withstand high temperatures of up to 1700 F, and it can even survive floods with its sealing technology.


Keypad: The only thing that this model lacks, is the electronic keypad addition.

Protex Electronic Wall Safe

Protex Safe Electronic Keypad Wall Safe (PWS-1814E), Burglary Resistant wall safe, digital electronic locking system, velvet interior, automatic door opening, 2 Removable shelves
  • Burglary resistant wall safe with digital Electronic locking system
  • Motorized locking bolt system will open the door automatically
  • Designed to be installed between 16" once wall studs
  • Dual live motorized chrome bolts (3/4" Dia. )
  • 2 removable shelves. Approximately . 44 cubic feet of storage space

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The Protex Electronic Wall Safe is our favorite wall safe model on this list.

It comes in a burglary resistant design featuring an electronic locking system. This model also includes a motorized bolt locking system, that will automatically open the door for you.


LED Light: This home safe features an LED light when the door is open, so you can see everything clearly even in the dark.

Installation: There is minimal hassle involved as this safe is pretty simple to install at home.

Shelves: For additional flexibility, the Protex Wall Safe comes with removable shelves so you can create even more space.

Automatic Door: Since the locking system is automatic, the door can open by itself for extra ease.

Power Back-Up: Lastly, this model features a power back-up for its electronic keypad, so you can always access your safe.


Price: The only con this model has, is its expensive price tag.

SentrySafe SFW123GDC

SentrySafe Waterproof and Fireproof Safe Box for Home 1.23 Cubic Feet, 17.8 x 16.3 x 19.3 Inches (exterior), SFW123GDC
  • Fireproof safe is UL Classified to endure 1 hour at 1700°F and keep interior temperatures safe for irreplaceable documents, valuables, DVDs, and USBs; ETL Verified to withstand a 15-foot fall during a fire and remain closed
  • Waterproof safe box is ETL Verified for 24 hours of protection in water up to 8 inches deep offering peace of mind in the event of a flood
  • Set your own digital combination fire box with secondary locking key for strong security; digital combination safe features four live-locking bolts, steel construction, pry-resistant hinge bar, locking drawer, interior light, and bolt down hardware
  • Exterior: 16.3 in. W x 19.3 in. D x 17.8 in. H; door requires 14.75 in. of clearance to fully open; Interior: 12.6 in. W x 11.9 in. D x 13.8 in. H; large 1.23 cubic foot capacity; weighs 86.69 pounds
  • For optimal performance, SentrySafe recommends the use of four high-quality, name branded, alkaline AAA batteries with an expiration date of 8-10 years from the current year

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The SentrySafe SFW123GDC features an electronic lock and a secondary locking key for an extra layer of security.

Additionally, it’s waterproof for up to 24 hours and can endure a heat level of 1700°F for up to an hour.


Office: This home safe is ideal for an office type of environment.

Lit Interior: SentrySafe also features a well-lit interior space so you can see everything clearly even in the dark.

Space: This model also features ample space for all your valuables.

Dual Lock: Lastly, SentrySafe also comes with a dual locking system that requires a PIN code as well as a physical key in order to access its contents.


Waterproof: While the SentrySafe model can withstand up to 8 inches of water, it cannot be fully submerged.

Viking VS-20BLX

Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Mini Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe
  • HIGHLY SECURE 8” x 12” x 8” BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT SAFE - Unlocks Fast by Registered Fingerprint or PIN Code. Non-Volatile Memory
  • FAST ACCESS PERSONAL SAFE FOR HOME & OFFICE DEFENSE AND PROTECTION – Upgraded 500 DPI Optical Sensor, Motorized 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism with 2 pry-resistant insertion slots, 5mm door, Seamless Laser Cut, Four Prong Backup Cross Key
  • EASY TO SET UP & SIMPLE TO USE Scan & Save up to 32 Fingerprints for Multiple People & 1 PIN Code, All Carpeted interior with Build in LED Light, 1 REMOVABLE shelf to organize your handguns, Jewelry, Cash, Small Electronics & Important Documents.
  • PRY-RESISTANT by DESIGN, TIGHTLY SEALED SOLID STEEL BODY GUN SAFE - Two 20 mm Solid Steel Locking bars go inside of 2 insertion slots in the frame of the safe, Sound On/Off so that intruders won't hear you. Warning beep if door left unlocked
  • MODERN DESIGN, ROBUST MILITARY LOOK AND VERSATILE SIZE fits perfectly as a home safe, office safe, bedroom safe, or anywhere you need fast access and protection.

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Our best budget-friendly home safe is the Viking VS-20BLX model.

This home safe is highly secure and features biometric fingerprint technology access, as well as a 500 DPI Optical Sensor for extra security.

It’s also pretty easy to use and install and features a nice military design.


Lightweight: This smart safe isn’t too heavy, weighing at only 20 pounds. So it’s best when built into the floor.

Locking Door: It also features a motorized locking door for extra durability.

Multiple Users: You can even grant access to multiple users via its fingerprint technology.

Fingerprint Lock: Viking’s fingerprint technology is definitely a nice touch to the safe, and can create an even better sense of security.


Fire or Waterproof: Unfortunately this model is neither water nor fireproof.

Verifi Smart Safe

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If you’re looking for the most hi-tech home safe, then definitely check out the No products found..
This model features the largest and FBI certified fingerprint technology that’s difficult to find.

Additionally, it also comes with a self- diagnostic system to ensure everything is running as smoothly as it should.


40 fingerprints: With the Verifi Safe you have the ability to add up to 40 unique fingerprints to give out to your family.

Fingerprint Sensor: Additionally, this model also features an FBI approved fingerprint sensor for extra reliability.

Advanced features: You can also take advantage of other cool and useful features such as stealth mode and self-check.

Battery Alert: To ensure that your home safe never runs out of power, this model also features a low battery alert function as well.


Price: The only downside to this model lies in its high price.