Best Home Planetarium Projector — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Home Planetarium Projector

When it comes to the best home planetarium projector our top pick would have to be Sega Homestar Original Black.

For the reason that it comes with such a clear image, you’d think it was real! Additionally, it also features an auto-shutoff function and shooting start functionality.

The second-best pick is the Homestar Classic, this planetarium is ideal for kids and features a clear projection, great design, with an adjustable angle.

And our top budget-friendly choice is the Smithsonian Planetarium Projector.

While it might not be as fancy as the top two, at the right amount of distance, a great quality projection can be achieved and it also includes an auto-shutoff timer as well.

The Short Version

Homestar Classic

Homestar Classic
  • Homestar Classic Planetarium Experience the world with us!
  • So amazing and yet cheap! Though cheap you can witnes a large number of star in it. With more than 60000 stars all of them will go around the peripheral motor function.
  • Finally Launched Home Star series optical home planetarium the world's first jointly developed by the creators of planetarium Guinness certification with "Ohira Takayuki" involvement. It was decided that the new companion will be applied this time.
  • Enhanced with more features ! This time it has timer function incase it is left switched on it will turn off in 15/30/60 minutes. The is focus adjustment and projection angle can also be set-up following the random timing.
  • Planetarium in your room The starry sky seems to be breathed, and also toast tonight

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The Homestar Classic planetarium is ideal for kids, it’s also very similar to Sega Homestar Original Black as it’s designed by Ohira Takayuki.

They both include the same 15-60 minute auto-timer as well as the start rotation & shooting start functionality.

They both, however, differ in color.


Clear projection: At the correct distance you can achieve a clearer image that will enhance the overall projection.

Good Design: The Homestar Classic features a beautifully designed blue sphere that will look great in any environment.

Focus and angle: Additionally, the focus and angle can easily be changed to suit the room it’s in, so you can enjoy the best viewing experience.

Auto-shutoff: Lastly, the Homestar Planetarium features and the auto-shutoff feature, so when your little ones fall asleep you won’t need to worry about turning it off.


Requires Adjustment: The only con to this product is the fact that there are some adjustments required when you want to achieve the best projection.

Uncle Milton Theater Pro

In My Room Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Light Projector and Night Light
  • Enjoy an amazing starry night as a crystal-clear rotating field of 10,000 stars is projected on your ceiling or wall with incredible precision and clarity.
  • Futuristic sphere design; Optical-quality lens system; Adjustable focus
  • Ultra-bright white LED source; Motorized image rotation
  • 30 min / 60 min auto shut-off; Adjustable projection angle
  • Includes: 1 - Star Theater Pro; 1 - Base; 2 - Discs (Stars, Earth/Moon/Sun); 1 - Mini USB cord (wall adapter not included); 1 - Instruction

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The sphere-shaped Uncle Milton Theater Pro will project up to 10,000 rotating fields of stars for your enjoyment.

Additionally, it features a bright LED source for a great quality image, while also including an auto-shutoff timer as well.


High-Quality Image: Due to its ultra-bright LED source, you can expect a high-quality image projection from this Planetarium.

Design: The Uncle Milton Theater Pro also features a sleek, sphere design with a black finish.

Adjustable Angle: You can set the perfect scene with the adjustable angle in order to create the best projection in the room you’re in.

Auto Shut-Off: With the Uncle Milton Pro you can set a 30 or 60-minute timer for the projection, so you can rest easy knowing that it comes with the auto shut-off feature.

Two Discs Included: Lastly, the package also includes two disks to use, the Earth/Sun/Moon, as well as the star.


Power Adapter: The only con to this model is the fact that the power adapter isn’t the best one.

Uncle Milton Starry Night Lantern

Uncle Milton Nat Geo Starry Night Lantern , New, ^G#fbhre-h4 8rdsf-tg1318130
  • supplier*_from_thecandidcow
  • I will meet your needs, just let me know this product you are talking about : "" Uncle Milton Nat Geo Starry Night Lantern , New, Free Shipping

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The Uncle Milton Starry Night Lantern comes with two functions, it can be a planetarium and it can also serve as a lantern as well.

It also includes long battery life, and with a cheaper price tag as well.


Clear View: With this model, you can expect to have a clear view of the projected stars.

Affordable: Compared to most planetariums, this model is quite affordable so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank with this one.

Bright Light: When using the lantern feature, you can expect a bright and clear light from the Uncle Milton Starry Night Lantern.

Battery Life: You won’t have to worry about having to change to batteries very soon as this model also features a long battery life as well.

Dual Purpose: You can also use this device both as a planetarium as well as a lantern for those long camping trips.


Lacks features: The downside to Uncle Milton Starry Night Lantern is the fact it doesn’t include many useful features such as an auto shut-off timer, and an adjustable angle option.

Parrot Uncle Star Hologram Projector

Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Stars Projector - Bring The Night Stars & Sky Into Your Home
  • Create Thousands Of Stars And Cloud Formations With Green Laser And Holographic Technology
  • Transforms The Largest Or Smallest Rooms Into Your Own Personal Night Sky, Including Shooting Stars!
  • Two Settings Offer The Choice Of Drifting Clouds Or A Clear Night Sky For Added Variety
  • Simple To Use - Just Plug It In! Keyhole Slots In The Base For Wall Mounting
  • Great Gift For Space Enthusiasts - Projector Has A 4-hour Auto Shut Off Feature

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The Parrot Uncle Star Hologram Projector is ideal for parties since it features thousands of star and cloud formations to enjoy, as well as multiple options to choose from such as a clear night sky or drifting clouds settings.

Additionally, this planetarium also features a shut-off timer, and can also be mounted on the wall.


Clear Image: With this model, you can expect a high-quality image resolution for an enjoyable experience.

Can be Mounted: For even more flexibility, you can mount this Hologram Project on the wall to get the most desirable angle.

Auto Shut-Off: You can rest easy knowing that this model also comes with a 4-hour shut-off timer.

Separate Knob: You can easily adjust the nebula formations with the in-built separate knob.

Dual Hologram: With the Parrot Uncle Star Projector you can enjoy both stars, as well as nebula projections for more versatility.


Too Bright: The only con to this model is the fact that some settings may be too bright for the room that you’re in.

Nashika Home Planetarium

Nashika real home planetarium ASTROTHEATER Black NA-300 BLACK (japan import) by Home Star
  • You can set the constellation of favorite time of day, 365 days a year from 19:00 until 3:00 the next morning for a year.
  • You can project the constellations of their birthday 365 days and
  • Can be projected on a ceiling or wall, circular range is 60 ~ 300cm, projection distance in color space wider universe of 50 ~ 250cm.
  • Projection angle and focus adjustment can be 0-90 degrees.

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The budget-friendly Nashika Home Planetarium  features a clear image even for its price, and includes other cool features such as being able to project zodiac constellations and you even have the ability to set a specific time for each constellation as well.


AC & Battery Power: With this model, you have the freedom to either opt for the AC or battery-powered option.

Clear Image: If you set the projection and the optimal distance you can enjoy high-quality & clear image displays.

Constellation Projections: It doesn’t simply start projects, but it can showcase clear constellations such as zodiac signs, and you can even display different space-bodies as well.

Timer: Lastly, you can also set a timer for your constellation creating the perfect schedule to suit you.


Design: The only con to this planetarium is the design looks a little cheap and flimsy.

Smithsonian Planetarium Projector

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The Smithsonian Planetarium Projector is the best budget-friendly option on this list.

It’s ideal for kids’ bedrooms and with the right distance, the projected astronauts, planets, galaxies, rockets & nebula could look amazing.


Inexpensive: Compared to the other models in our list, this is the most inexpensive option.

Auto Shut-Off: The Smithsonian Planetarium also features the auto shut-off timer as well, to ensure it’s not still running when no one is there.

24 different pictures: You can also enjoy up to 24 different rotating star patterns for more variety.

Good Quality: When placed at the optimal distance, you can enjoy clear quality projections in most environments.

Design: This model also features a more simple design that’s not too flashy.


No Adapter: Unfortunately, this device doesn’t come with an AC adapter.

Blurry Image: If the projector isn’t placed at the correct distance the images could turn out to be blurry.

Sega Homestar Original Black

Sega Homestar Original Black - Home Planetarium - Star Projector
  • Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium
  • Projects an amazing 60,000 stars, "shooting star" function
  • Leading brand with 3-watt white LED technology, timer, adjustable angle and focus
  • Attention: Also look for brandnew 5Watt Sega FLUX out October 2018
  • 2 realistic discs and poster included - 30+ optional discs available

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The best Planetarium on this list would have to be the Sega Homestar Original Black which has been famously designed by Takayuki Ohira.

It almost looks like a death star, and it projects almost 60,000 stars!
It also includes two discs, but you can choose from over 30 different disks for this model.


Adjustable Angle & Focus: With the adjustable angle and focus feature you can ensure you achieve the best position and viewing angle for your projection.

Timer: This model also includes the auto shut-off timer function, meaning you don’t have to worry about switching it off, as it can do that itself.

Shooting Stars: You can also enjoy viewing high-quality shooting stars with this planetarium as well.

Clear Image: You can enjoy clear and almost lifelike projections with this planetarium.


Expensive: Compared to all the other models on this list, this is definitely the most expensive one.