Best Gate Lock — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Gate Lock

When it comes to the top gate lock we believe that the Master Lock Combination Padlock 178D is the best one. It comes with a changeable padlock combination and is portable enough to use on bags, and similar items.

While the runner up is the Master Lock 141D. This model is completely weatherproof and even includes a combination lock mechanism as well.

The Short Version


Keystone Black Nylon Polymer Key-Lockable Latch | 2 Sided | Keyed Alike | KLADV-P2-BK-KA
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Made from durable nylon polymer and stainless steel, the Keystone latch will not rust or corrode | UV Resistant
  • GRAVITY LATCH: Superior self latching technology engineered to prevent jamming and sticking | For wood, vinyl and metal gates
  • SQUARE GATE FRAMES: For gate frames up to 5 inches and requires a gate gap between 1/2 in. and 1-3/4 in.
  • KEYED ALIKE: if you purchase multiple they will use the same key | The Keystone Latch can be re-keyed to match a 5-pin house key
  • 2-SIDED design allows for external gate access | For use of left or right handed gates | Part Number: KLADV-P2-BK-KA-WEA

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The Keystone gate lock is ideal for both vinyl and wood gates. In addition to that, the lock itself is constructed from a sturdy nylon polymer and is even UV resistant too.


Warranty: This model comes with a 1 million cycle warranty.

Build: It’s nylon polymer build will ensure the lock’s durability.

Rust: The lock is also water and rust proof too.

UV: It’s also UV resistant.

Latching: Its impressive self-latching functionality adds extra convenience.


Square: This lock is only suited for square gates.

MagnaLatch ML3VPKA

D&D Technologies ML3VPKA MagnaLatch Vertical Pull, Child & Pet Safety Magnetic Gate Latch and Lock, for Any Square Gate
  • SAFETY FOR CHILDREN & PETS - For over 30 years MagnaLatch has set the standard for safety gates around the home and garden; this vertical pull latch is out of reach for young kids
  • MAGNETIC LATCHING TECHNOLOGY - The powerful magnets behind this industry leading technology are fully sealed internally to protect from the elements
  • ADJUSTABILITY -Vertically and horizontally adjustable with alignment markers for simple installation and enables you to adjust for ground shift or gate sag
  • REKEYABLE SECURITY LOCK - The visible lock indicator shows when the latch is locked, and the 6-pin lock can be rekeyed to match other locks around the home
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - These latches are made of industrial strength "metal replacement" polymer and stainless steel components; will never rust

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The MagnaLatch ML3VPKA is well suited for child and pet safety in your home. Additionally, it also uses the magnetic triggering method and comes with a key to operate the lock with. It also features a durable exterior and a non-jamming mechanism.


Key: The gate also includes a key for additional security.

Design: Its unique design makes it ideal to use in order to keep your pets and kids safe.

Jamming: Additionally, this model has also been designed in a way that will prevent jamming when opening and closing.

Magnetic: Lastly, the gate features a magnetic triggering operation.


Square: This model is best suited for square post gates.

National Hardware V6203

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The top lock for metal gates is the National Hardware V6203. This model can be used either on wood, vinyl, and metal gates, while also remaining weatherproof. Moreover, the lock is highly durable and can sustain heavy strikes.


Manufacturer: This gate lock comes from a trusted manufacturer.

Security: The National Hardware V6203 lock provides high-quality security, which makes it very reliable.

Price: This model is also quite budget-friendly too.

Rusting: It’s also weatherproof, and rust-resistant.

Design: Its attractive design will look good on any gate.


Oiling: Occasional oiling is needed.

Master Lock 178D

Master Lock Combination Lock, Set Your Own Combination Lock, Indoor and Outdoor Padlock, Weatherproof Code Lock,Black
  • Indoor and outdoor padlock is best used as a school locker lock, gym lock, and gate lock, providing protection and security from theft.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.
  • Set your own four-digit combination lock for easy combination recall; Combination change tool included
  • Combo lock is constructed with a solid body for strength and weatherability, hardened steel shackle for cut resistance
  • 2 inch (51 millimeter) wide lock body; 5/16 inch (8 millimeter) diameter shackle with 1 inch (25 millimeter) length, 1 inch (25 millimeter) width
  • Shackle is preset to open on 0-0-0-0. Some instructions may incorrectly state shackle opens on l-o-c-k. See user manual in technical specifications section of this page for correct combination reset instructions.

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The Master Lock 178D can be used both as an indoor & outdoor lock, and even offers a 4 digit combination system as well. Additionally, the lock also features a solid body construction, while also being rustproof too. 


Security: This lock is very versatile, and can be safely used on most gates and even bags.

Look: The lock comes with a basic design that will suit most gates.

Combination: For added security, the model features a changeable combination padlock system.


Security: Not the ideal model to be used on high-security areas.

Master Lock 141D

Master Lock Covered Aluminum Lock, Locker Lock with Key, Key Lock for Gym Locker, 1 Pack, 141D
  • Indoor and outdoor lock is best used as a gym locker lock providing general security and protection from theft.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit
  • Key lock is constructed with a black vinyl-covered aluminum body for scratch and corrosion resistance, hardened steel shackle for cut resistance
  • Four-pin cylinder and dual locking lever mechanism for pick and pry resistance
  • 1-9/16 inch (40 millimeter) wide lock body; 1/4 inch (6 millimeter) diameter shackle with 7/8 inch (22 millimeter) length, 13/16 inch (21 millimeter) width
  • One padlock, two keys (matching color key head for added convenience)

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Our top budget-friendly gate lock is the Master Lock 141D. This model features a sturdy, aluminum body construction, and an anti-pick four-pin cylinder design system. In addition, this is a multi-purpose lock that can be used on gates, bags and more.


Design: The lock’s design is quite simple, and is also pretty easy to use too.

Sturdy: This model features a sturdy, and reliable construction.

Lasting: Lastly, the model is also rust, corrosion, and weatherproof as well.


Security: Not suited for high-security areas.

Sturdy: While this model is pretty reliable, it’s not strong enough to handle hard bangs.

Mighty Mule FM143

Automatic Gate Lock (FM143) for Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers , Black
  • The Automatic Gate Lock provides peace of mind and added security for your single or dual gate. Unlocks and locks automatically as the gate is activated.
  • Provides secure protection to withstand up to 2500 lbs. of force, providing stability and security.
  • Easy DIY (Do It Yourself) installation for your Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener system.
  • The Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Lock is compatible with all single and dual Mighty Mule or GTO/Pro Automatic Gate Swing Openers.
  • Backed by a 12 month Mighty Mule Warranty and Technical Support.

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This automatic gate lock can withstand up to 2500 lbs. of force! Moreover, the Mighty Mule both locks and unlocks automatically and offers a reliable build, using zinc-plated steel housing.


Warranty: This model features an impressive 1-year warranty.

Force: The gate lock can handle up to 2500 pounds of force.

Setup: Its convenient design allows it to be installed easily and quickly.

Swing Openers: Additionally, the lock features GTO/Pro automatic openers, for a more advanced way to open and close the gates.

Durable: The model features durable zinc-plated steel housing.


Battery: The battery is quite weak.

National Hardware V6203

National Hardware V6203 LTCH DLUX BLK N346-202 5-7/8" LokkLatch Deluxe Keyed Automatic Gate Lock Latch in Black
  • Super-strong engineering polymers & Stainless steel components
  • Will not rust, bind or stain expensive fence material
  • Side fixing legs aid in installation and provide strength. Installs on wood, metal, and vinyl gates.
  • Horizontally & Vertically adjustable- adjust during & after installation
  • Key lockable for added security

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This lock is ideal for fences and pool gates. Additionally, it’s well suited for both metal & wood gates and even is designed with six side fixing legs for an easier installation process.


Manufacturers: The gate lock is designed by trusted manufacturers.

Security: This model offers you trusted, high-end security.

Price: The lock features an affordable price tag.

Rustproof: Lastly, the lock is also rustproof too.


Oiling: Occasional oiling is needed.