Best Flood Barrier — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Flood Barrier

When it comes to our top pick of the best flood barriers, we feel that Quick Dam Flood Barrier is the top one. For the reasons that it comes with a 5-year shelf life, and is also pretty easy to store too.

While our top budget-friendly option is the UpNorth Sand Bags. This affordable option is reusable and very easy to store.

Lastly, the runner up today is HHydrabarrier Standard Water Diversion Tubes. They work in almost any type of space and offers more versatility.

The Short Version

Snake Sandbags

Snake Sandbags Single Self-Fill Kit (6 Foot, Black)
  • Lightweight - 6 Foot Snake Sandbags requires approximately 22 pounds of sand
  • Durable -Tear-resistant with heavy-duty reinforced stitching
  • Flexible - Bend in curves and around corners
  • Kit contains: Snake Sandbag with Inner Liner, Bonding Adhesive Strips, and Instructions
  • Made in U.S.A. - Finest Quality and Workmanship

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The Snake Sandbags are pretty handy for spill control. Moreover, they also are pretty cheap and work great in diverting the water flow. Lastly, they are quite flexible and can bend in curves and corners.


Price: The sandbags are quite affordable.

Flexible: They are also a more versatile option than other flood barriers.

Reusable: These flood barriers can be reused multiple times.

Diverting: In case of a flood, they are very good at diverting the flow of water.

Durable: Lastly, the sandbags are quite strong and durable.


Flood: In case of a heavy flood, they aren’t the best option.

Quick Dam Flood Barrier

Quick Dam QDFG30 FloodGate, Doorway Flood Guard, 30-35" Openings, 30-in
  • One Quick Dam Flood Gate that fits doorways and openings 30-in to 35-in wide and blocks flood water
  • Flood Gates seal off doorways & stop flood water from entering. Can be used inside or outside to stop water in its path
  • Expandable Sturdy Steel Frame is Easy to use, Install, Store & Transport
  • This steel & neoprene frame expands to fit multiple size doorways & seals off the doorway in just minutes, with no alterations or fixations needed. Ideal for property managers, businesses, hotels & more.
  • Keep on hand for emergency situations and be prepared for the worst! Flood Gate can be installed in minutes and can be used year after year.Provides Flood Water protection up to 26-in High.Adjustable & expands to fit multiple doorway sizes. For larger openings, stanchions join units together.Use for flood emergency, construction, water way projects, fire dept., businesses, property management, gov't & more.Entryway remains accessible while in use.Neoprene Sleeve Creates Water Tight Seal

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The top self-activated barrier on our list is the Quick Dam Flood Barrier. This model can grow up to 3.5’’ in minutes when wet and comes in long & flexible design.


Light: This barrier is quite light since a single pack weighs only 1.5 pounds.

Water Activated: Quick Dam Flood Barrier is water-activated.

Store: This model is also quite easy to store.

Life: Lastly, even after being used once, the flood barriers have a shelf life of up to 5 years


Use: The barriers can only be used once or twice.

Height: Additionally, the height is limited to only 3.5 inches.

Hydrabarrier Standard

Watershed Innovations Best Sandbag Alternative - Hydrabarrier Standard 6 Foot Length 4 Inch Height. - Water Diversion Tubes That are The Lightweight, Re-usable, and Eco-Friendly (Single Unit)
  • Measures 6 feet long by 8 inches wide by 4 inches high
  • Easy to use and weighs only a few pounds when empty
  • Fill with standard garden hose, holds up to 7.5 gallons and weighs 60 pounds when full
  • Constructed of industrial strength vinyl material
  • Simply empty when done, fold up for storage and re-use when needed

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Our top water filled barrier is the Hydrabarrier Standard. It can be filled with your regular garden hose and weighs 60 pounds when full. Additionally, the barrier can be reused flood after flood if you wish.


Durable: This model is highly reliable and durable.

Deploy: They take hardly any space and are easy to deploy.

Reusable: This flood barrier can be reused time and time again.

Versatile: The Hydrabarrier can be used in almost any type of space, including the water tank or garage.


Time: Filling the tubes can take a little time.

Adapter: The adapter needs to be bought separately.

Quick Dam Flood Gate

Quick Dam QD65-2 5' Barrier Water Flood Dam Bags, 2 Pack, Black
  • Water Activated Flood Barriers, Rated #1 in Flood Control
  • Grows to 3.5in high in minutes, just get them wet
  • Long, flexible design creates all sorts of shapes
  • Use to control, contain & divert flood water
  • Ready to use, no sand or labor needed

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This adjustable gate can fit into 30’’- 35’’ size door openings, and creates a very tight seal. Additionally, the installation is simple to follow, and it comes with an indefinite shelf life as well.


Life: The flood gate can be used indefinitely.

Setup: It’s also pretty simple to install

Height: The Quick Dam Flood gate also comes with a high protection height of 30 x 2.5 x 27’’.

Water: This model effectively diverts the flow of water.


Doorways: It’s best used for doorways only.

Door: Requires a fixed structure, such as a door in order to be installed.

UpNorth Sand Bags

UpNorth Sandbags - Box of 100 - Empty Woven Polypropylene Sand Bags w/Ties, w/UV Protection; size: 14" x 26", color: White
  • HEAVY DUTY BUILD: DOUBLE-SEWN bottom for extra strength, RIGID Heat-cut top for easy fill
  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIALS: 33 grams each, 850 denier count, 10 x 10 tubular weave
  • HEAVY DUTY BOX for convenient storage , AFFORDABLE, RE-USABLE, VERSATILE: flood protection, construction projects, water diversion, hurricane barrier
  • DESIGNED to be WATER-resistant, DUST-resistant, LEAK-resistant sandbags
  • WHITE color empty sacks , with 1600 HOURS of UVI protection against the sun

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Our top budget-friendly option is the UpNorth Sand Bags. The sandbags come with a double sewn bottom for extra durability and are very versatile, as well as reusable.


Flood: The sandbags work very well against a heavy flood.

Price: They are also pretty affordable too.

Sand: Can easily be filled with sand.

Store: The bags are also easy to store, and don’t take up too much space.

Reusable: Lastly, this option can be reused as many times as you wish.


Small Leakages: They aren’t the best option for smaller leakages.

New Pig Mildew-Resistant

New Pig Mildew-Resistant Absorbent Sock | Water Absorbing Snake | 3" x 48" | 1-Gal Absorbency | Pack of 12 | PIG105-BL
  • WATER ABSORBER SOCK absorbs leaks, spills and condensation making PIG absorbent socks perfect for basement and garage use – easy to clean up any leak
  • SOCKS SHOULD NOT be left in direct sunlight. UV exposure will cause degradation. Socks should not be Laundered
  • FLEXIBLE ABSORBENT SOCK is ideal for placing under freezers and coolers, along walls and surrounding equipment
  • AIR-DRY AND REUSE 1-3 times; squeeze water from sock or let sock air-dry before reuse
  • MILDEW RESISTANT ABSORBENT SOCK is made of 100% polypropylene skin and filler, resisting the growth of mildew and mold, perfect for long-term use

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Our top flood gate for spills is the New Pig Mildew-Resistant. This water absorbent sock can absorb spills, condensation, and leaks. Additionally, it also works with oil, coolant, and solvent spills too.


Gallon: A single sock can absorb up to a gallon!

Sun-Dried: You can simply sundry it and use it again.

Deploy: The Pig Mildew-Resistant socks can also be easily deployed.

Life: It also has a long shelf life.

Versatile: You can even use the socks to absorb oil, coolant or solvent spills too.


Water: This isn’t the best option to use against flowing water.

FloodSax Sandless

FloodSax FS5R Sandless Sandbag Water Absorbent Flood Barrier, 19" x 20", 5 Pack, White, 5 Count
  • Sandless Sandbags: These compact, lightweight sandbags work as a superior flood wall barrier protection and absorbent pad in just 3 minutes. Simply add freshwater and each flood bag inflates from 1 lb to 50 lbs
  • Superior Protection: These heavy duty 19 x 20 inch bags absorb up to 5.8 gallons and are perfect for indoor or outdoor use to prevent flooding disasters and home or commercial liquid damage
  • Innovative Design: These water absorbent flood control barriers feature a 9 section design for ultimate stackability. Made of industrial grade super absorbent polymer crystals and interwoven natural fills
  • Versatile and Long Lasting: Vacuum sealed with a 10 year shelf life, FloodSax are ideal for leaky toilets and water heaters, broken pipes, basements and more. They fit well against doors, sliders, windows and grates.
  • Flood Solutions: Our patented technology provides superior protection against storm flooding disasters, indoor water leaks, or liquid damage. Try our mobile flood barriers, door barriers and flood gates

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If you don’t want to use sandbags, you can also check out the FloodSax Sandless option. This flood bag will rise when it comes in contact with water, and it can divert a much higher volume of water than simple sandbags. Additionally, they are easy to deploy and even offer a 10-year shelf life.


Absorbent: Rather than using sand, it uses absorbent.

Deploy: The FloodSax are pretty easy to deploy.

Life: Additionally, they also offer an impressive 10-year shelf life.

Flood: They are designed for heavier types of floods.

Reusable: Lastly, they can also be reused multiple times.


Price: They are a little pricey

Fresh Water: They need freshwater in order to work.