Best Extension Poles — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Extension Poles

Our top pick of the best extension pole is the DacaZoo DocaPole Extension Pole. This model can support a large number of attachments and offers a strong lightweight build.

While our top budget-friendly option is the Shur-Line 6572L Easy Reach Adjustable Extension Pole. This model is also pretty strong, and it comes with a soft foam handle grip for comfort.

Lastly, the runner up is Mr. LongArm 3204 Pro-Pole Extension Pole. This extension pole features a lightweight design, and a threaded tip to secure the attachments.

The Short Version

Wooster Brush SR090

Wooster Brush SR090 Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole, 2-4 feet
  • Special bayonet Grip Tip holds Wooster tools in place so they cannot twist or loosen
  • R042 Conversion Tip stores in the end of the grip to make all threaded tools GT compatible
  • Instantly change tools with one push on the fiberglass reinforced nylon lever.Tip Material:Zinc
  • Hexagonal aluminum inner pole prevents twisting and outer pole is made of rugged fiberglass
  • Easily adjusts in 6 Inch increments with a touch of the thumb and then locks securely in place

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Our top extension pole for changing the light bulbs is the Wooster Brush SR090. This sturdy and lightweight pole comes with a wide range of attachments available that can Instantly be changed with one push on the fiberglass reinforced nylon lever.


Durable: The extension’s pole is made out of aluminum and fiberglass making it highly durable and sturdy.

2lbs. This model is pretty lightweight, coming only at 2lbs.

Attachments: There is also a wide rage of attachments available, including various versions of the Brush SR090 GT.

Quick: Lastly, the quick on and off function allows you to change the threaded tools efficiently.


Price: The price is a little high.

Unger Professional

Unger Professional Connect & Clean 7 - 20 Foot Telescoping Extension Multi-Purpose Pole, Window Cleaning, Dusting
  • Extend your reach 7.5 to 20 feet with this 3-stage telescoping extension pole
  • Great for hard-to-reach surfaces, like high outdoor windows, without the need of a ladder
  • Anodized aluminum construction is strong but lightweight, ideal for squeegees and other cleaning tools (not recommended for pool cleaning attachments)
  • Standard threaded tip and locking cone fit all universal thread and Unger Professional attachments as part of Unger's Connect & Clean system
  • Perfect for cleaning, dusting, or changing light bulbs without a ladder

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The top extension pole for cleaning windows is the Unger Professional. This 3-stage telescoping pole is ideal for hard to reach spots such as windows. Additionally, it features a sturdy aluminum construction, and a lightweight build.


Weight: This model only weighs 3.5 pounds.

Simple: It’s also pretty easy to use and maneuver even at its full length.

Simple Twist: When you wish to change the length, you can simply take advantage of the handy twist mechanism.

Durable: Lastly, the Unger Professional pole is also pretty sturdy as it’s made out of durable aluminum material.


Threading: There are times when the threading doesn’t fit well with the attachments.

Mr. LongArm 3204

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Our top model for cleaning high surfaces is Mr. LongArm 3204. It’s out of fiberglass and aluminum and has an impressive reach capacity of 25 ft when standing. Additionally, it also comes with the simple to use twist mechanism, allowing you to efficiently change the length.


Portable: This model is pretty easy to carry around.

Light: It also features a lightweight design.

Price: This extension pole comes at an affordable price.

Twist: It’s simple twist mechanism allows you to extend the pole smoothly.

Threaded Tip: Using its threaded tip you’re able to secure the attachments.


Suitability: This pole isn’t suitable for all types of jobs.

Umein Telescopic Pole

Telescopic Extension Pole - Multi-Purpose Pole, Paint Roller, Light Bulb Changer, Duster Pole, Antenna Pole, Hanging Lights, Gutter Cleaning
  • The one-solution extension pole – Clean your windows, change the light bulb, clean the gutter, and reach tall shelves, trees, or fans with ease using our adjustable 6-24 ft telescopic pole. Complete all your “hard-to-reach” tasks without straining yourself or putting your well-being at risk.

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The top model for paint rollers is the Umein Telescopic Pole. It can do multiple things, such as painting, cleaning your windows, changing the lightbulbs, and more. Moreover, the tip can rotate up to  180 degrees for different working angles.


Handle: The extension pole’s handle is made out of soft rubber, for a tighter and more comfortable grip.

180 Degrees: The tip is able to rotate as much as 180 degrees for different angles.

Aluminum: Its aluminum build is sturdy and reliable.

Reach: It can extend up to 24 ft long for an even longer reach.


Sturdy: It’s not as reliable when used at its longest length.

Purdy 140855661

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The professional-grade Purdy extension pole features a custom adjustment mechanism, allowing it to lock at any length. In addition to that, it also features a heavy-duty design and a maximum length of 12 ft


Price: This model comes at an affordable price when compared to other models.

Design: This extension pole also features a modern and heavy-duty design.

Attachments: The universal tip can be used with any acme threaded frame and the Quick Connect System.

Pin Lock: Purdy’s custom lock adjustment mechanism allows you to to the pole at any length.


Short: The length is quite short when compared to other models.

Shur-Line 6572L

Shur-Line 812017 43-inch to 78-inch Aluminum Painting Extension Pole with Threaded Handle Connection
  • RUGGED ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: Built with rugged aluminum, this painting roller extension pole offers the durability necessary for tough paint jobs. 6-1/2'
  • EXTENSION: With an adjustable extension scope, this painter's pole offers between 43"" and 78"" of length, making it easy to paint tall walls and ceilings without the need for a ladder.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Although the aluminum construction is designed for long life, the lightweight design makes it easy to paint for hours at a time with ease.
  • Lightweight and has a threaded end
  • SIMPLE CONNECTION TO ROLLER: Featuring a grooved connection tip, this painting extension pole easily connects to compatible roller brushes that have a grooved inlet at the base of the handle.

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Our top budget-friendly option is the Shur-Line 6572L. This model features strong and reliable aluminum construction and lightweight design. Additionally, it’s also 100% rust-resistant and comes with a soft foam handle grip for comfort.


Material: The Shur-Line 6572L extension pole features strong aluminum construction, as well as a rust-free design.

Lightweight: Additionally, the extension pole is also quite lightweight, coming only at 2.5 lbs.

Handle: Additionally, this model also features a soft foam handle grip for extra comfort.

Price: It also comes at an affordable price.


Cleaning: This extension pole is only suited for cleaning.

Attachments: Also, it only supports a limited variety of attachments.

DacaZoo DocaPole

DocaPole 30 ft Reach, 6 to 24 ft Telescoping Extension Pole | Multi-Purpose: Light Bulb Changer Paint Roller Duster Pole Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning and Hanging Lights
  • The Only Telescoping Extension Pole You'll Ever Need: Extends from 7 feet to 30 feet, this retractable, extendable pole performs all the hard to reach task safely from the ground
  • New Dual-Tip Equipment: Straight metal tip will stand up to any task, while attachable multi-angle tip provides 180 degrees making gutters, ceiling fans, painting, and aerial photography a breeze
  • Easy To Store and Transport: Easily put in the house's broom closet or hang on a shop wall. Fits in a car or truck bed, just use the quick-release thumb lever to shorten it to desired length
  • Use with Any Docapole Attachment: Browse our line of cleaning supplies, dusting attachments, brushes, squeegees, trimmers, scrubbers and more that can be attached to this telescopic pole (Not included)
  • Get Your Tasks Done Safe from the Floor: Whether you want to wash windows, prune a tree, or have a soft touch to sensative surfaces, the DocaPole is everything you need for your cleaning needs

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Our top versatile extension pole is the DacaZoo DocaPole. It can extend to an impressive 30 feet, and also features a multi-angle tip attachment. In addition, it features a quick-release mechanism for quicker contraction and extension.


Multi-Angle: Its multi-angle tip allows you to work at different angles.

Attachments: This model also supports a large number of attachments, which can be used to clean your home, or even take pictures with.

Quick-Release: Its quick-release function allows you to quickly contract as well as extend the pole for more efficiency.

Strong: The extension pole also features a strong and lightweight build for added reliability.

Grip: Lastly, its soft, but firm grip will allow you to use the extension pole for longer periods of time.


Length: Its minimum length is only 6ft, which isn’t that much