Best Door Stop Alarm — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Door Stop Alarm

When it comes to our top best door stop alarm pick, we feel that the GE SH50246 Personal deserves it.

It features a highly portable design and comes with a single 9V battery.

While our top budget-friendly choice is the Trademark Global 72-0850. This model offers a durable build as well as a loud alarm system.

Lastly, our top runner-up is the SABRE Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm. It also uses a 9V battery power and is compatible with most types of doors & floors.

The Short Version

Mbangde Upgrade

TOWODE Upgraded Door Stop Alarm 3-Pack, Door Stoppers Security Alarm with 120 dB - Great Gift for Traveling Hotel Home Apartment Door Stopper Security Tools
  • 【Dual Function】: This door stopper security alarm can be a door stop alarm or a door stopper, when the alarm being triggered and the meantime it will keep the intruder outdoor from you, it’s safe. If the door is installed very high and far from the ground,please put a soft thing under the door stopper.
  • ♥【Non-Skid Door Stopper】: the door stopper alarm in "off" status,it can be used as common damping rubber base door wedge,hold door in open position,no any loud alarm sound.3 sensitivity levels : Low - Medium - High,with an adjustable sensitivity switch on the side;H level is the most sensitive level that vibration will trigger an alarm
  • ♥【Easy to Install】: No wiring needed, just put 9v battery in and switch the button on the back to “ON” then it can works. The bottoms are made of synthetic rubber for keep the alarm from slipping.
  • ♥【Light-Weight & Portable 】 : Only 95 grams each portable doorstop alarm wedge ( without battery and package) good for carrying when you are travelling or need spend a night at strange environment.
  • ♥ 3-Pack Upgraded Door Stop Alarm -Great for hotel door security devices traveling security door stopper doorstop safety Tools for Home set with an adjustable sensitivity switch on the side easily change the mode.

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This loud doorstop alarm features a very powerful 120dB alarm sound that will most likely alert anyone closeby.

Additionally, it’s pretty easy to install as it runs on a single 9V battery power.


Alarm: This doorstop’s 120dB alarm will alert anyone closeby.

Features: The Mbangde model offers dual purpose options, as it can be used solely as a doorstop or a doorstop alarm.

Single Room: It is also suitable for single room use as well.

Price: This model isn’t too expensive either.

Compatibility: Luckily this doorstop works with most types of floors and doors.


Anti-Slip: The padding isn’t the best, making the doorstop slightly unstable.

GE SH50246

GE SH50246 Personal Security Door Stop Alarm,black
  • Works as a door stop to prevent door from opening, 120dB alarm sounds when alarm is activated
  • Anti-skid base helps prevent door from opening, pressure on doorstop activates alarm
  • Easy access on-off switch activates and deactivates alarm
  • Low-battery indicator light, requires 9V battery (not included)
  • Ideal for home, apartment, dorm room, travel, hotels and motels

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The best door stop alarm on our list today is the GE SH50246 model.

It features a loud 120dB alarm sound, a sturdy anti-slip padding design, and runs on a single 9V battery power for your convenience.


Simple: Since this model runs on a single 9V battery, it makes it pretty portable and very easy to use.

Low Battery: In addition, it also features a low battery indicator.


Sound: This model might not be loud enough for larger homes.


AUSHEN Door Stop Alarm 120dB Home Wedge Shaped Blocking Security Systerm for Home or Travel 2pcs Set
  • EASY AND PRACTICAL- Just put the door stop security Alarm under the door and turn on the switch. It is the high damping rubber at the bottom which can prevent the door sliding.
  • WEDGE-SHAPED DESIGN - When any intruders attempt to enter, the unit will wedge underneath the door and trigger the alarm.
  • THREE LEVELS OF SENSITIVITIES - High-Midium-Low for your choice. You can choose a low level if you just need a slight reminder. Or the High level when you are sleeping, the maximum loudness can be up to 120dB
  • HIGH QUALITY - Stainless steel cover to resist wear and tear. Small size make it be portable for Travel or business trip.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - Any questions please feel free to contact us, we would deal with it in 24 hour. And we provide a 100% guarantee with 12 months warranty.

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The AUSHEN door stop alarm comes with a myriad of features. Such as its 3 levels of sensitivity to suit your home.

Also, its wedge-shaped design is highly effective and practical too.


Loud: The AUSHEN door stop alarm is pretty loud, especially when used in single rooms.

Sensitivity: Additionally, it also features 3-different sensitivity settings to suit your preferences.

High-Quality: The doorstop itself is crafted from a high-quality stainless steel material ensuring its durability.

Lightweight: Lastly, this model is both lightweight and easy to use too.


Loud: Unfortunately this model isn’t loud enough to be heard all over the house.


SABRE HS-DSA Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm with 120 dB Siren --- Great for Home, Travel, Apartment or Dorm
  • ATTENTION-GRABBING – when door pressure is applied, the extremely loud 120 dB alarm helps wake/alert homeowner or renter, helps deter intruder and possibly notifies neighbors (audible up to 1,000 feet/300M away)
  • VERSATILE WITH MAXIMUM SECURITY – features a non-skid pad to prevent door from opening while alarm sounds; ideal for bedrooms, hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, front doors, etc. - great travel alarm
  • ATTRACTIVE & CONSUMER-PREFERRED – superior to other home security products, this premium white alarm looks great inside your home
  • EASY INSTALLATION – no wiring needed; battery-operated (requires 1x9V battery); small screwdriver required to remove battery compartment cover
  • EXTRA LEVEL OF SECURITY – provides battery status update with a low battery indicator

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The best household door stop alarm has to be the SABRE Wedge.

This model features a loud 120dB alarm that will sound when pressure is applied. More so it also features an anti-skid design and is pretty simple to use.


Low Battery: The SABRE Wedge doorstop features a low battery indicator allowing you to stay one step ahead when it comes to changing it for a new one.

9V Battery; The fact that this model uses a single 9V battery for its power source, makes it very portable and easy to use.

Compatibility: Additionally, this model is also pretty compatible with various types of floors and doors.

Loud: The alarm is so ould it can be heard from up to 1000 feet away.


Slippery: Unfortunately this option doesn’t work too well with slippery floors.

Securityman 2-in-1

Securityman 2-in-1 Door Security Bar with Alarm & Sliding Door Stopper Security Bar with 120db Loud Alert Siren - Durable & Rugged Iron, Sturdy on Most Floors & Windows (Protects Against Scratches)
  • EXTREMELY LOUD SIREN: Due to the sensitive vibration sensor and 120db alarm attachment, you and your loved ones will be kept safe and alerted (up to 1000ft away) if any intruders attempt to tamper with a door or window etc.
  • 2-IN-1 DOOR SECURITY STOPPER & SLIDING DOOR JAMMER: Use this device for two different purposes with easy interchangeable caps for hinged doors and sliding door/window
  • DOOR STOP SECURITY BAR: Angled rubber bottom that assures full contact and strong grip on all types of floors without scratching them
  • ADJUSTABLE AND DURABLE: The door safety bar can be adjusted between 22.25"-43. 7" and constructed of high grade iron to withstand 350 pounds of pressure *please note: the sliding door caps decrease the maximum length to 39. 25"
  • EASY TO USE: The door stopper alarm easily props under door knob and easy to remove. Security bar can also be easily adjusted.

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The best doorstep for a sliding door has to be the Securityman 2-in-1. This model features a loud siren, as well as a doorstop security bar.

In addition to that, the installation process itself is pretty simple and quick, and it offers a full grip on most types of floors as well.


Setup: The installation process is simple and quick.

Sliding Doors: This model is ideal for sliding and hinged doors.

Alarm: The Securityman doorstop features a loud siren with a sensitive vibration sensor.

High-Grade Iron: The bar itself is made from a durable high-grade iron material that can be expandable from 22’’ to 43’’ long.


Alarm: The alarm could have been louder for increased effectiveness.

Battery: This model doesn’t include a low battery indicator.

Trademark Global 72-0850

Trademark Global 72-0850 Super Door Stop Alarm - Great for Traveling - As Seen on TV
  • Sensitive 120 dB alarm
  • Prevents door from opening
  • Adjustable sensitivity

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Our most budget-friendly option on this list is the Trademark Global 72-0850. This model includes a loud 120dB alarm sound and includes an adjustable sensitivity to suit you.


Price: This is the most affordable model on our list.

Quality: This model features a high-quality build making it a durable option.

Compatibility: The Trademark doorstop works well with most types of floors.

Lightweight: Additionally, this model features a lightweight design.

Alarm: Lastly, the doorstop features a decent alarm that can reach up to 120dB.


Slip: Unfortunately it doesn’t include an anti-slip feature.


EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm with 120DB Siren Door Stop for Home & Travel (Black) (Pack of 2)
  • [Dual Function]: Can be used as a door stop alarm and door stopper, Its high damping rubber bearing can prevent the door sliding and prevent the bad guys into. A protector around you. Can be used in home and travel.
  • [3 Level of Sensitivities]: Hige-Midium- Low Sensitivities. Which depends on the distance door touch the door stop alarm.
  • [Loud Alarm]: Very loud shrill that would definitely scare someone away with 120db alarm. Weight: 4.5 oz.
  • [Powered by 9V Battery]: The door stop alarm powered by 9V battery, One piece can be used for a year under normal circumstances. Very practical. (Note: Battery not include)
  • [Easy to Use]: NO installation required, Simply place the alarm behind any door (home, hotel, etc). very convenient to take with you when travel or stay indoor alone. A really must have around you.

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Our most durable doorstop model is the EMDMAK.

It can be used both as a doorstop or a doorstop alarm with a siren that can be as loud as 120dB. It also features anti-slip padding, which can come in very handy if you have slippery floors.


Simple: This model is easy to use and install as well.

Sensitivity: You can also opt for three different sensitivity levels to suit you.

Anti-Slip: Its anti-slip bottom will ensure its stability even on slippery surfaces.

Loud: Additionally, it also features a loud 120dB siren to alert you.

Price: Lastly, this model, fortunately, comes with an affordable price tag.


Battery: This doorstop doesn’t include a low battery indicator.