Best Coin Operated Washer & Dryer — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Coin Operated Washer Dryer

When it comes to our top pick of the best coin-operated washer & dryer, we decided to go for the No products found.. This washer uses up to 60% less water and even dries 15 minutes faster too. Additionally, it’s suitable for more professional premises and comes with a coin box already included.

The Short Version

Speed Queen (Washer)

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The most durable washer on our list is the top load  Speed Queen. This model features strong stainless steel construction and high speeds to quickly dry the clothes. In addition to that, its coin sliding system is pretty easy to use, and you can also save on power and water costs with this washer.


Polypropylene Agitator: This model includes a polypropylene agitator for smooth and effective washability.

Cycle Sections: Additionally, you can choose between 8 different cycle sections.

Easy to Operate: It’s also pretty easy to operate the coin sliding system.

Efficient: This model is both water and energy-efficient, thus saving you on future costs.

Design: The washer also offers a strong and durable stainless steel design, ensuring its longevity.


Features: This model offers fewer features than other washers.

Top Load: This is a top load washer & dryer.

Speed Queen (Dryer)

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The most powerful gas dryer on the list is the Speed Queen model. It offers superior drying capabilities and efficient gas heating. Additionally, the dryer is very easy to operate, and it includes a coin slider on the top of the machine.


Door: The dryer comes with a reversible door for extra convenience.

Capacity: The Speed Queen Dryer also offers a large loading capacity 

Gas Heating: The model comes with a structured gas heating system.

Construction: Additionally, the dryer features a good construction, ensuring its durability

Lint Filter: the dryer includes an upfront lint filter.

Easy Access: Lastly, it’s pretty easy to access the inner components for maintenance.


Dryer: This model can only be used as a dryer.

Encore Crossover

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The top washer and dryer on our list is the Encore Crossover model. For the reason that it uses up to  60% less water and dries 15 minutes faster, thus saving on future costs. Additionally, the machine has an impressive load capacity of 3.5 CUFT, and can easily operate 15,000 plus wash cycles using 4 different professional programs.


Coin Box: The coin box comes included with the washer.

Capacity: Additionally, the washer can also hold a large loading capacity of 3.5 CUFT.

Operation: The Encore Crossover model comes with plenty of features ensuring smooth operation.

Quality: In terms of quality,  the washer is Energy Star and CEE Tier III rated, and even ADA compliant.

Quick: Lastly, you can also expect quicker drying and washing cycles from this model, when compared to other brands.


Price: This model is pretty expensive

Replacements: It may be difficult to find replacements for specific parts.


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Our top affordable coin-operated washer & dryer is the Whirlpool. This model offers an impressive 7.4 CUFT loading capacity and even comes with 3 different temperature settings. Moreover, the coin box itself is pretty simple to operate.


Airflow System: For even faster drying times, the dryer features a high-velocity airflow system.

Capacity: The Whirlpool washer & dryer offers a large loading capacity of 7.4 CUFT.

Door Opening: The swing door comes with a 180° wide opening for added ease.

Coin Box: The coin box and vault are pretty simple to operate.

Full-Wrap Console: For convenience and extra protection, the inside is made with a full-wrap console.

Access: For efficient maintenance, it’s easy to access the internal parts.


Gas: This model features a gas operating system

Wascomat W-Series

Wascomat W-Series 100G Coin/Card Washers W-Series Models - W620cc
  • Wascomat’s Compass Control provides the ultimate in flexibility
  • Customize wash programs to lower costs, and meet customer demands
  • Five built-in programs and the capability to easily add or delete programs
  • Heavy Soil and Extra Rinse options increase store revenue and customer satisfaction

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The Wascomat W-Series washer accepts both cards or coins, making it ideal for commercial use. In addition to that, it offers customizable wash programs, with a four-compartment supply dispenser. It also features an inverter-driven motor for smooth operation and durable construction.


Card: This model offers a digital card payment system, where you can even add discounts or other functions.

Programs: You can also customize different wash programs to suit the user.

Dispenser: It comes with an easy to use four-compartment supply dispenser.

Inverter Driven Motor: Its inverter-driven motor will ensure smooth operation.

Languages: The wash program can even be used in two different languages at the same time.

Prices: The Wascomat W-Series can set different prices for various functions.

Strong: The model also features a durable and tough construction that will last.


Washer: It only functions as a washer.