Best Book Scanner — The Only List You’ll Need

Best Book Scanner

When it comes to our top pick of the best book scanner, we believe it’s the Fujitsu Scan Snap SV600. It comes with the page detection technology and image flattening software for correcting the book’s curved spine.

While the runner-up is the PKB World Shape Scanner. This innovated shaped scanner offers excellent OCR quality and the ability to translate words into four different languages

The Short Version

Plustek Opti Slim Scanner

Plustek OpticSlim 2610 Flatbed Scanner, Special Design for Thick Book. Design Soho and Personal use. for PC and Mac
  • A flatbed scanner without extra adapter , No warm-up time is needed. Support...
  • With image processing, software can Auto Rotate, Deskew and Crop image. Help...
  • OS2610 scanner can help you work efficiently with 5 one-touch Buttons that...

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Our slimmest and lightest model is the Plustek Opti Slim Scanner. It also includes software such as Crop image, Auto Rotate, and Deskew. Additionally, it also can scan up to A4 size papers and offers support for both Mac and Windows.


Auto-Crop: The scanner comes with the handy edit and auto-crop functionality.

Mac & Windows: It also supports both Windows & Mac devices.

Enhance: The Plustek Opti Slim Scanner can also enhance and edit the image quality.

Design: In addition, this model provides a sleek and lightweight design, making it portable.

A4: Lastly, this mode is able to scan up to A4 size papers for added convenience.


OCR: The OCR software does have a tendency to glitch sometimes.

Resolution: This model doesn’t suit the high-resolution type of work.

IPEVO USB Book Scanner

IPEVO Ziggi-HD High-Definition USB Document Camera (Discontinued and Upgraded to IPEVO V4K)
  • 5.0 Megapixel camera for exceptional high-definition images, A variety of...
  • High-resolution formats and a 6X zoom to capture even the smallest text and...
  • Multi-jointed stand and swiveling head for effortless, versatile capture

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Our top budget-friendly model on our list is the IPEVO USB Book Scanner.

It comes with an impressive 5.0-megapixel camera and a powerful  6X zoom capturing even the smallest details and text.

In addition to that, it’s compatible with up to A4 size pages and includes flexible features as well.


Compatibility: The IPEVO USB Book Scanner offers compatibility with various devices such as the  Mac, Tablets, PC, and more.

Features: This model includes a wide variety of added features, such as the live HD video recording function.

A4: The scanner works with up to A4 sized pages.

Resolution: Lastly, you can expect the scanner’s 8MP camera to provide a clear and high-resolution image.


Marks: Some scanned images tend to show fingertip and shadow marks.

OCR: The OCR isn’t the best when compared to other models.

CZUR ET16 Scanner

CZUR ET16-P Professional Document Camera Scanner with 2nd Gen Laser Curve-Flattening Tech, Perfect for Bound Documents & Books, Smart OCR for Mac and Windows
  • Patented Flattening Curve Technology: ET16-P shoots 3 laser lines, which are...
  • Easy and Fast: With the 1.5 S/P scanning speed, ET16-P can easily finish...
  • A3 & A4 Applicable: ET-16 P is friendly to both A3 & A4 Format materials, or any...

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The overhead CZUR ET16 Scanner includes the handy flattening curve technology and an impressive 1.5 S/P scanning speed. Additionally, the model is compatible with both A3 & A4 page formats, while also providing high-quality scans.


Simple: This scanner is very simple to use.

Flexible: This model is quite versatile in its ability to scan certificates, large books, magazines, and even laminated documents.

OCR: OCR technology has the ability to recognize up to 183 different languages.

A3: The device can easily scan up to A3 image size.

Lighting: Additionally, this model includes dual side lamps to throw a significant amount of light ensuring excellent scans.

Editing: The already scanned pages can also be edited.


Cleaning: This model needs to be cleaned frequently.

Fujitsu Scan Snap SV600

Fujitsu PA03641-B305 ScanSnap SV600 Overhead Book Scanner,Black
  • The best overhead scanner for your books, journals, and delicate papers. Scan...
  • Page turning detection - scan automatically when you turn a page, without having...
  • Image flattening software corrects for curves at a book's spine. Software also...

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Our top scanner on this list is the Fujitsu Scan Snap SV600. It comes with the ability to scan large-sized books and images and even includes the page-turning detection feature.

In addition, this overhead scanner can also include LED illumination and quality CCD optics for an enhanced experience.


Page Correction: The scanner includes the automated page correction feature which will remove finger marks and even curves in the spine.

Flexible: The device can be used with journals, books and other types of papers.

Auto-Page: The auto-page detection function will scan automatically as the page is turned.

Speed: Additionally, the scanner can work both quickly and efficiently.


Software: The software can glitch a little when scanning an item with over 100 pages.

IRISCan Book

IRISCan Book 5 WiFi Wand Portable Scanner, Ultra Speed Sheet fed Scanner Battery Lithium, 1 Click scan to PDF, Scan to PDF/Word/Excel/JPG, Full OCR 138 Languages, Scan to SD, No PC Needed
  • Mobile Scanner, especially convenient for sales rep & product marketers, press...
  • 300/600/1200 dpi scanning resolutions for perfect images results, scanning...
  • Save scans onto the micros card (included), 1. 5" color screen (be safe your...

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The IRISCan Book is an efficient mobile scanner that’s ideal for product marketers, sales representatives, and more.

This handheld device comes with three 300/600/1200 dpi scanning resolutions for the most optimal image quality, and it can also scan up to A4 size too.


Compact: This handheld scanner is very portable and can be brought with you anywhere.

Compatibility: It also works well with the phone, PC or laptop.

Resolution: With this model, you can also choose from three resolution settings to suit you.

A4: The IRISCan Book scanner can scan up to A4 sizes.

Battery: For extra convenience, this model also uses rechargeable batteries.


Charging: The charging time is quite long

E-Book: Unfortunately this scanner isn’t able to make e-books.

Aibecy Scanner

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The top portable scanner on our list is the Aibecy Scanner. This model comes with CMOS image sensors in order to produce higher resolution and sharper scans. Additionally, it can also scan up to A3 size images.


Compact: Its compact size makes it very portable.

Project: You can also scan and project the captured image as well.

Enhance: Using the CMOS image sensors, the scanned image quality can be enhanced.

A3: This model can scan up to A3 paper sizes.


Auto-Detection: This model doesn’t include the auto-detection function.

Edit: You’re unable to edit the images.

Plustek OS1180 Scanner

Plustek A3 Flatbed Scanner OS 1180 : 11.7x17 Large Format scan Size for Blueprints and Document. Design for Library, School and Soho. A3 scan for 9 sec, Support Mac and PC
  • ✔WE SCAN SIZES - A3 11.69""x 17" Large Format Scanning
  • ✔NO MORE WAITING - LED Light Source, Save Energy, No Warm Up
  • ✔HASSLE-FREE OPERATION - Pre Set Function One-Touch Button for Your Quick Use.

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The top scanner for Mac is the Plustek OS1180 Scanner.  It offers large format scanning and easy one-touch button operation. Additionally, it comes in a compact size and offers good scan quality as well.


Size: Its small size makes it very portable.

Art: This scanner is particularly well suited for artwork and paintings.

Quality: Using its LED light technology, this scanner is able to produce high-quality images.

Mac: Lastly, Plustek OS1180 Scanner offers compatibility with Mac and Windows operating systems.


Speed: The scanning speed is a little slow

PKB World Shape Scanner

Innovative ʌ Shaped Book Scanner(Quick/Clean/Comfortable Scan), Made in Korea, Multifunction (OCR, Annotation, Translation, Search, Background Conversion, etc.) for Smart School & Meeting
  • Innovative A shaped Scanner Made in Korea
  • Quick Scan(1 second per page) of the left & right page by just one click
  • Clean Scan with no shadow even in thick book

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The top scanner for book pages is the PKB World ^ Shape Scanner. It features a unique ‘’A’’ shaped design, ensuring that a clear image is generated of the book page. Additionally, it can also translate words into 4 other languages and provides a clean, and clear image quality.


Languages: This model can translate words into 4 other languages.

Books: The PKB World ^ Shape Scanner is ideal for books.

OCR: It also comes with a very high-quality OCR as well.

Image: Using Clean Scan technology, this scanner can provide clear and sharp images.

A4: Lastly, it’s compatible with up to A4 image sizes.


Price: The price is a little high.

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