August Doorbell Cam vs. Pro

August Doorbell Cam vs. Pro

In our article, we’ll talk about the differences between the August Doorbell Cam vs. Pro.

Honestly, there are quite a few, but the important ones are August’s Doorbell Cam Pro’s enhanced night vision with its built-in floodlights, as well as chime and motion sensitivity control.

Without doubt with its easy setup and improved specs, August Doorbell Cam Pro is the more superior model when compared to the original August Doorbell Cam.

However, if you’re looking into something more affordable, and simple then it’s worth taking a look at August Doorbell Cam.

The Short Version

August Doorbell Cam = Video resolution of 640x480p, 120° field of view, includes two-way talk, requires light for night vision, no built-in floodlight, has motion detection technology but no motion sensitivity, on-demand replay, compatible with August Smart Locks, no chime control, comes with a subscription plan available.

August Doorbell Cam Pro = 640x480p video resolution, 120° field of view, two-way audio available, comes with night vision, built-in floodlight available, motion detection & sensitivity included, on-demand replay available, compatible with August Smart Locks, easy DIY Installation, comes with chime control, subscription plan available.

Which one are you getting?

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August Doorbell Cam vs. Pro — Easy Comparison Chart

August Doorbell Cam August Doorbell Cam Pro
Works with August Smart LocksYesYes
On-demand ReplayYesYes
Motion DetectionYesYes
Two-way AudioYesYes
Field of View120°120°
Video Resolution640x480p640x480p
Night VisionNeeds a lightYes
Build-in Flood LightNoYes
Motion SensitivityNoYes
Easy DIY InstallationNoYes
Chime ControlNoYes

August Doorbell Cam vs. Pro — What’s Different?

August Doorbell Cam Pro

Installation – The original August Doorbell Cam has a slightly more complicated installation process that requires a little bit of know-how and work, while Doorbell Cam Pro has been updated and improved to be more user-friendly with a quick set up process that will save you time.

Motion Sensitivity – While both August Cam and Pro have motion detection technology, Agust Doorbell Cam Pro also supports motion sensitivity.
This allows you to adjust the detection settings so you aren’t alerted by every passing car or animal, or increase the sensitivity while you’re gone, and only receive alerts that matter.

Night Vision – August Doorbell Pro also offers a more enhanced night vision with its built-in floodlight for low light situations.

While August Doorbells Cam lacks the IR illumination, and you’ll need to get one separately in order to take advantage of the night vision technology.

Chime Control – Additionally, August Pro includes a chime control feature which allows you to have more power over your doorbell.
For example, you can hear the chime on your smartphone whenever the doorbell is pressed, and you’ll also have the power to adjust the volume as you please.

Unfortunately, August Doorbell Cam lacks this feature.

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